How To Wash Underwear, In Partnership with &Sisters

When it comes to caring for our underwear, we all want a low hassle laundry routine but also want to avoid the heavy wear and tear, fading and discolouration that underwear often goes through due to frequent use and washing. Fear not, in partnership with &Sisters, we've created the ultimate guide on how to wash and care for your underwear, so your intimate areas can feel laundry luxury too! 
How to Hand Wash Underwear
For delicate items, made from silk, satin or with lace trims or other embellishments, you'll be best to hand wash, but this doesn't have to be a hassle.

All you have to do is:

1. Fill a basin with cool water and add 2-3 caps of our Eco Wash for Silk and Delicates
2. Drop your delicate underwear into the basin and gently submerge it, then agitate the water with your hands to distribute the soap and water. (It is normal for a little dye to be released). Soak for up to 30 minutes.

3. Rinse with fresh cool water until the garment is free from soap and then gently press between your hands or against the sink.

4. Absorb excess water with a towel and leave to air dry flat on towel.
 Our No.4 Eco Wash for Silk and Delicates was created so that you can feel confident hand washing delicates at home. Crafted with our proprietary formula and delicately fragranced with bergamot and patchouli, No.4 will leave silk garments refreshed and nourished.
Tackling Bloodstains
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From time to time, we've all experienced a blood stain on our pants, but no worries, it's totally normal - here's how to tackle them.
Firstly, get to the stain as quickly as possible, fresh stains will lift much more easily than dried on stains.
Our Tough Love Stain Removal is the ultimate partner for any stain you can throw at it, and it won't fade colour-fast fabrics! 
1.Submerge the affected area into a bowl of warm water and add a capful of stain remover. Make sure to check the garment's care label for the warmest recommended water temperature. For treating stains, usually, warmer water is better.
2. Massage gently with your fingers, or our Natural Sea Sponge, and leave to soak for an hour.
3. The stain should be lifted, but repeat this process until it has completely vanished, and then wash the garment as normal. Here, we recommend a machine wash, to help the stain residue be thoroughly washed away. Always make sure the stain has fully vanished before drying.


How to Machine Wash Underwear


For everyday underwear made from cotton or manmade fibres, check the care label but these are usually suited to regular machine washing. However there are a few tips you can use to reduce wear and tear and keep them looking good for longer.
1) Separate colours during washing AND drying - this is an obvious one but black + white = grey! Better to wash all white underwear together with other white items, and then ideally dry them in a sunny spot to help keep them white. Wash colours together and dry away from sunlight to prevent fading.
2) Use a protective laundry bag - keep your underwear from snagging, stretching and getting tangled with other garments by popping them in a mesh or microfibre laundry bag.
3) Wash at 30 or 40 degrees - usually we encourage 30 degree washing at standard, but with underwear, the possibility of greater soiling means that sometimes 40 degrees will be more suitable. 
4) Make sure stains are gone, then air dry - drying can set the stain into a fabric. We always recommend air drying any laundry, as the tumble dryer is bad for the planet and for your clothes. This is especially true for your delicates. 
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