Cashmere Comb in Red Cedarwood - Clothes DoctorCashmere Comb in Red Cedarwood - Clothes Doctor
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Cashmere Comb in Red Cedarwood

£11.60 £14.50
Cashmere Comb in Beechwood - Clothes DoctorCashmere Comb in Beechwood - Clothes Doctor

Cashmere Comb in Beechwood

Darning and Mending Support - Clothes DoctorDarning and Mending Support - Clothes Doctor
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Darning and Mending Support

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Darning Needle Set - Clothes DoctorDarning Needle Set - Clothes Doctor

Darning Needle Set

Sandalwood Leather Balm - Clothes DoctorSandalwood Leather Balm - Clothes Doctor

Sandalwood Leather Balm

Lint-Free Bamboo Cloth - Clothes DoctorLint-Free Bamboo Cloth - Clothes Doctor
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Lint Free Bamboo Cloth

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Brass-Handled Sewing Scissors - Clothes DoctorBrass-Handled Sewing Scissors - Clothes Doctor
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Brass-Handled Sewing Scissors

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Wooden Sewing Box - Clothes DoctorWooden Sewing Box - Clothes Doctor

Wooden Sewing Box

Classic Tote Bag - Clothes DoctorClassic Tote Bag - Clothes Doctor
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Classic Tote Bag

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