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Our Denim Care Guide, in partnership with Thought Clothing

Denim is one of the most durable of fabrics found in any wardrobe. It was originally used for workmen's jeans on building sites due to its resilience to wear and tear. It does take quite a lot to tear a pair of jeans, but over time, with constant use and frequent washing, they do inevitably start to degrade. 
These days denim is used for jeans, shorts, shirts, jackets and accessories. It's constructed with a twill weave, which is partly what gives it its tensile strength. A good pair of denim jeans should hopefully last many many years. But there are a few things you can do to help them along the way, to care for them and keep them looking fresh and new for longer. Read on for our guide on how to care for your jeans:

washing machineWashing will fade the colour over time and cause the fabric to thin, so we recommend washing denim as little as possible to keep it in good nick, every 5-10 wears should be plenty. If you're one of those people who likes to wash their jeans to shrink them back into shape, then try steaming them instead. This should do the trick and will protect the fabric long term. 

You can also check out our blog to learn the truth about how often you really need to wash each type of fabric.




Are there dry dirt marks like mud, dust, food, powder on your jeans? If so then take our Clothes Brush and give your denim a good brush down, particularly focusing on the spot marks. You'll be amazed at what comes off quickly and easily, with no need for a wet wash.

When you do wash your jeans, we recommend turning the garment inside out, as the dirtiest part is usually on the inside, so you'll expose this part to the water and detergent, while protecting the colour from fading.

Extra tip: Remember to check your pockets! How many clothes have you dumped in your laundry basket and forgot to empty your pockets of tissues (and other stuff too!)? If you're in need of some serious laundry tips, check out our blog on most common laundry mistakes to help to find yours and how you can avoid it next laundry day. 




basil and mandarin leaf detergent

It's definitely worth sticking to washing your jeans at 30 degrees. For heavy soiling you can use a pre-soak like our Tough Love Stain Remover, then when you throw them into the machine, use a detergent that is specially formulated for low temperatures, like our Basil and Mandarin Leaf detergent. And also, don't be afraid of using fabric conditioner on jeans, like our Basil & Mandarin Eco Fabric Conditioner. It will make the jeans super soft and smell like heaven. 

Extra tip: Fabric conditioner should be used sparingly on towels and other items that have moisture wicking properties, but on jeans it works great!
We've made our Basil and Mandarin Leaf duo available by subscription, so you never run out again, save 15% and get FREE shipping always. 




After washing, hang your jeans up to dry, don't throw them in the tumble dryer! This will help preserve the fit and avoid possible shrinkage or fabric warping. You can keep them turned inside out (and out of the sun) to prevent colour fading and ensure the interior pockets will dry.  


As well as cleaning, as time goes on you will start to find holes appearing in your jeans, particularly in the crotch area and knees. As there is so much wear and tear in these areas, eventually the fabric starts to weaken. If you need to repair a hole in your jeans, patch to mend, add an embroidery to alter or even hand hem, and are comfortable doing this at home, then watch our online tutorials to learn more.


If you're unsure on how to do this on your own, request a quote from our team and they'll be happy to help! 

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