In a couple of spritzes, your clothes will smell fresh out of the laundry, and with less creases.
Skip the wash & decrease your clothes
  • Scented with Blue Lily and Bergamot, like fresh laundry
  • Contains cleaning agent, reducing need to wash
  • No need to iron or steam your clothes
  • Removes odours 
  • Infinitely recyclable bottle 
  • Made in Britain

How You Can Use Our Steamer Water


Spray directly onto your clothing fabric in-between washes for an instant refresh and clothes de-crinkle - don't worry, its clear solution doesn't leave any water marks


Alternatively, you can add a few drops into your steamer or iron water to scent and aid the steaming process

After you have first purchased the bottle with the atomiser head, next time buy a refill and swap the head onto this 

Refresh in every way

Meet our range of products that refresh your garments and fill your home with stunning fragrance. 

Knitwear Mist Duo

'Rescue, Treat, Protect' Scented Bag Collection
Refresh and decrinkle instantly

What our customers say

"This really adds a lovely light fragrance and adds to the effectiveness of steaming my clothes. I’ve just unpacked my summer clothes from their winter hibernation and this has made the freshening up process really easy."

"This has a delightful smell and is so much nicer than the synthetic waters I have used in the past. It also makes the house smell wonderful afterwards."

I love using it in my clothes steamer to make my clothes smell nice. It also helps to de-crease my clothes quicker than if I were not using it and it cleans my clothes at the same time, such a useful product.