Three Steps to Storing Away your Winter Wardrobe

Three Steps to Storing Away your Winter Wardrobe

As the weather turns warmer, our need for our thickest jumpers and warmest coats finally ends. Our knitted jumpers and coats get shoved to the back of a wardrobe and forgotten all about for months to come. 

But if you are not careful, when the time comes back around to wear these items again, your winter essentials can be easily covered in moth holes and smell far from fresh. 

So we are sharing our top tips for storing your beloved winter items, to protect them from any damage over the months.

Step one: Declutter 

The very first step to proper winter clothing storage is sorting out your wardrobe so you don’t continue to store clothes that you’ve owned (and not worn) for years. Go through your winter items and categorise them into three piles: keep, repair, alter, and donate – this will ensure nothing gets mixed up and help you on your way to wardrobe zen. 

For any items that need repairing, have a look at our repair tools that can help you with any little mends. If you need an expert to help you with any damage, then you can request a quote with our repairs service are always here for every type of repair. 


Step two: Clean

 Hand washing

Now you have only the clothes you know you will wear for years to come, you need to properly clean them before storing them away. While your clothes may look clean, lingering dirt can cause fabric discolouration and attracts moths - so you should clean everything you are going to store. 

For wool and cashmere, either hand wash them yourself, or on a machine, hand wash setting. Make sure you use a specialist detergent, such as our Eco Wash for Cashmere and Wool which is scented with Himalayan Cedarwood and Orange Oil that is a natural moth repellent. For more advice on how to wash your cashmere and wool, read this blog. When your knitwear is dry and ready to be stored, give it a couple of spritzes of our knitwear mist for an instant moth repellent. 

To clean your winter coats, while avoiding a trip to the dry cleaners, give them a good brush down with our Clothes Brushthis will help remove pieces of dirt, food, and mud. Then give them a couple of spritzes of our Deodorizing Spritz, this kills 96% of bacteria sitting on the coat and gives it a refreshing scent. 


Step three: Store

 Moth Repellent Scent Bags

Now you have all your items as clean and refreshed as possible, it’s time to store them. Firstly, make sure they are being stored in a location that is not near a radiator, or too close to outside - a temperature of about 15 degrees is perfect! 

Find yourself plastic boxes with lids, or if failing this then a large suitcase does the job. 

Make sure you fold all your clothes to avoid any misshaping, placing your heaviest sweaters at the bottom. Wrap your clothes in some acid-free tissue paper to protect your clothes (regular tissue paper can break down the fibres over time). If you’re unsure of what to fold or hang, then our article here can help guide you!

Finally, before putting on the lid, pop a moth-repellent scent bag into the box to help keep the moths away, while also smelling gorgeous.


For more clothing care tips explore more of our blogs. For complete wardrobe moth protection explore our collection of natural moth repellents. While for our whole range of detergentsmiststools and accessories that extend the life and improve the look, feel and smell, of your wardrobe favourites, explore our whole range. 

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