How To Escape Your Phone and Other Life Hacks: The Guardian Feature Clothes Doctor - Clothes Doctor

How To Escape Your Phone and Other Life Hacks: The Guardian Feature Clothes Doctor

We were featured by the Guardian in their recent guide to looking after your clothes in their article How to Escape your Phone and other Life Hacks.  

 Knitwear look after

How to look after your clothes

"You can fix a stuck zip with a regular graphite pencil. Run the pencil along both sides of the zip – it should start to glide open. If you’re sewing a button on a shirt, thread the needle with two, three or four strands of thread and knot them together. Then you should be able to sew it with just one stitch.

Clothes Doctor zip repair

Wash less, but wash better. Avoid overfilling the washing machine, stick to low temperatures and handwash your delicates. “You can handwash all sorts of things,” says Lucinda O’Connor, founder of online clothing renovation service Clothes Doctor. “It reduces friction, it stops microfibres escaping, and it keeps clothes in much better shape.”

Clothes Doctor laundry tips

Leave a cashmere jumper to soak for about 20 minutes in cold water with a gentle detergent, rinse, leave it to dry flat on a towel. “It comes out super soft. If you put cashmere on a radiator, it often shrinks. If you put it on a towel, it dries slowly and retains its shape.”

Clothes Doctor cashmere care

O’Connor says that in her former life as a City analyst, she used to buy a new item every week. Since founding Clothes Doctor in 2017, she has kicked her fast-fashion habit. “I barely buy any new clothes now. I have a much smaller, more organised wardrobe. I don’t dry clean. But I do handwash and I do steam. Steaming kills 99% of bacteria and therefore odours and it gets the creases out, too. Buy a steamer! That’s my tip.”

Want more quick fixes? Check out our 3 Simple Tips for DIY Clothes Repairs guide here. 

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