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Stolen Goat x Clothes Doctor Kit Amnesty

This week we launched our new initiative, Kit Amnesty, with our partners Stolen Goat, a premium cycling brand. 
"Cycling brand Stolen Goat and Clothes Doctor have partnered to announced their cycling Kit Amnesty, aiming to renew pre-loved cycling kit and gift it to budding cyclists in the UK and beyond."
We've been featured in Cycling Industry News with our Kit Amnesty alongside our partners Stolen Goat. 
"The first-of-its-kind initiative will encourage cyclists to de-clutter their cycling wardrobes over a two week period, which started 22nd July, in return for discounted new Stolen Goat kit. The pre-loved gear, of any brand, colour or type, will then be repaired and renewed by Clothes Doctor.
The renewed cycle wear will then be donated to UK-based charity Gift Your Gear, which will in turn hand it over to teenagers and adults who may not otherwise be able to afford such garments.
Aligned in their mission to reduce the impact of outdoor clothing on waste and prevent textiles from ending up in landfill, Clothes Doctor and Stolen Goat’s Kit Amnesty aims to close the loop when previously loved kit is no longer wanted or in wearable condition."
The initiative was featured this week by Cycling Industry News - you can read the full piece here. 
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