Real Homes Feature Clothes Doctor - Clothes Doctor

Real Homes Feature Clothes Doctor

This week our range of eco-friendly products were reviewed by Real Homes in their latest feature...

"The Clothes Doctor is an eco-friendly laundry detergent range that's not just ocean-friendly, but washes clothes like a dream. We've tested the products and we are very impressed...

The Clothes Doctor range of laundry detergents is packaged in aluminium screw-top bottles that are fully recyclable (aluminium is one of the most sustainable materials on the planet) and can be returned to the company for a refill. Gives putting your washing machine on the eco cycle a whole new meaning..."

Clothes Doctor Eco-Friendly Clothing Care Products

Click here to read the full feature and here to find out more about our clothing care products. 

Sandalwood Leather Balm
Clothes Doctor
Eco Liquid Discovery Set
Clothes Doctor
Big Family Box
Clothes Doctor
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