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Plastic Free Christmas Gift Guide | Eco-Friendly Stocking Fillers

Tis' the season for Christmas gifting! 
Christmas is a time for sharing joy with the people we love, and that often means buying gifts - but wouldn't it be great if we could give gifts that were a little bit more eco conscious? While it's definitely the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas is also a time of great consumption, and often, lots of waste, so this year we're thinking up some ideas for eco-friendly gifts. With a mixture of Clothes Doctor staples and other eco-conscious presents ranging in price from over £100 to under £10 stocking fillers, we're wishing you a merry eco-friendly Christmas. Here's our plastic free Christmas gift guide!     

Luxury Eco-Friendly Gifts, Over £100

Clothes Doctor Complete Clothing Care Kit, £130 - for the pleasure seeker who wants to indulge when it comes to laundry day, this kit includes absolutely everything you need to become a clothing care pro. Shop here.

Bertioli by Thyme Silk Sleepwear, £300 - £500 - made from 100% Indian silk and hand painted with flora that inhabits Thyme's garden, this collection of sleepwear is pure night time luxury. Bertioli by Thyme is also part of the '1% For The Planet' scheme, where they've committed to donate 1% of all revenue to environmental causes; a perfect luxurious, eco-conscious gift. Shop here.

Gift Card to Hirestreet Clothing Rental, £100 - We've put £100, but you can  get a gift card of any amount, and give the gift of sustainable fashion this Christmas. Clothing rental is an amazing alternative to buying a new outfit for every occasion, and if you don't fancy gifting clothing this season, a clothing rental voucher is top of our list of eco-friendly gifts. Shop here.


 Eco-Friendly Gifts Under £100

 Natural Shaving Kit Gift Set exclusive to Not On The High Street, £99.95 - This assortment of high quality, plastic free shaving tools is the complete way for the man in your life to have a clean and sustainable shave. As plastic razors are one of the most thrown-away bathroom products, we're all for a reusable alternative! Shop here.

Clothes Doctor Suit Care Kit, £46 - sticking with the theme of presents for him, our Suit Care Kit is the perfect plastic free gift for any man who loves his suits and wants to keep them looking suave for longer. Shop here.

Global WAKEcup Zero Waste Starter Kit, £60 - ideal for anyone looking to go low-waste as their new years resolution, this kit includes a vegan rucksack, bamboo water bottle, bamboo flask and 2 bamboo straws. You'll be low-waste on the go in no time. Shop here.


Eco-Friendly Gifts Under £50

Clothes Doctor Cashmere and Wool Care Kit, £38 - the perfect plastic free gift for any knitwear fanatic, this kit includes our bestselling Eco Wash for Cashmere and Wool, our Cashmere Comb in Red Cedarwood, and three Natural Fragrance Bags to deter moths from feasting on your winter woollies. Keep those Christmas jumpers looking fabulous! Shop here.
Beauty Kubes Cleanser Cubes, £16 - a low-waste alternative to traditional beauty products, this is a great plastic free gift for any skincare fan. Simply crush one Kube between wet hands, rub palms together until a paste is formed and massage into damp skin. Shop here.
Clothes Doctor Microfibre Laundry Bag, £19.50 - join us on our journey to a more eco-friendly laundry lifestyle by gifting a Microfibre Bag. Perfect for the eco-warrior in your family, it helps prevent microplastic water pollution, while providing extra protection for your most loved garments. Shop here.
Under £10 Stocking Fillers
Clothes Doctor Cashmere Comb in Beechwood, £6.50 - winter is undoubtedly peak sweater weather season, so treat your secret Santa to the gift of beautiful looking knitwear! Use this de-pilling comb to get rid of those annoying bobbles that appear on jumpers. Shop here.
&Keep Reusable Makeup Remover Pads, £8.95 - a low-waste alternative to single-use makeup wipes, these reusable bamboo makeup remover pads are an essential for any beauty and skincare lover, and a great plastic free gift. &Keep offer a range of mindfully selected eco-friendly gifts and sustainable products to achieve a better tomorrow, today. Shop here.
Clothes Doctor Christmas Scented Fragrance Bag, £4.50 - breathe in the scent of Christmas joy every day with these Fragrance Bags bursting with orange, cinnamon and star anise. Pop into your wardrobe to add a festive freshness to your clothes. Shop here.
 KinKind Give Me Strength Shampoo Bar, £6 -  infused with Lavender and Rosemary botanics to cleanse and care, this shampoo bar is the plastic free gift that's ideal for all hair types. Plus, each shampoo bar saves 2 plastic bottles being wasted. Shop here.
Clothes Doctor Darning Needle Set, £4.90 - the perfect Christmas gift for anyone looking to try their hand at mending, our Darning Needle Set has 10 assorted needles for any type of repair. It also comes with our mending guide so you know which needle is best for which fabric, easy. Shop here.
Battle Green Natural Deodorant, £6.45 - This award-winning natural deodorant balm is packed with effective plant-based ingredients designed to absorb moisture, soften underarms and leave a beautiful, subtle scent behind. And no plastic in sight! Shop here.
We hope our plastic free gift guide has helped you avoid any Christmas Eve shopping panic, and that you can give a little back to the planet this year, as well as your friends and family, by giving eco-friendly gifts! 
Shop the whole Clothes Doctor range to level up laundry day even further.


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