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Orsola de Castro New Brand Ambassador For Clothes Doctor

I am just an inhabitant of a world looking for change, doing something about it while I live.” - Orsola de Castro, new Clothes Doctor brand ambassador. 
We are delighted and honoured to welcome Orsola de Castro to our Clothes Doctor family as our Brand Ambassador. We're joining with Orsola to continue making the change that we want to see for the future of fashion.
Although the desire to buy more and new clothes consumes, Clothes Doctor believes that every garment should be a friend for life, not a one hit wonder. The co-founder of Fashion Revolution is here to help us raise awareness on the importance of extending the lifespan of our everyday garments, to avoid them ending up in landfill, whilst inspiring you to buy less and choose well.
"I totally believe mending should be widely available and affordable for as many people as possible, as opposed to a niche sustainable solution, and Clothes Doctor is the closest thing there is to a system for making mending mainstream. Achieving clothing longevity is the joyous way we can all become a part of the solution and beat the current mass consumption and accelerated disposal, and mending and caring for our clothes is the future for every household and for every person who wants to start making a difference.
- Orsola de Castro
We want to encourage you to create an emotional connection with your clothes by choosing to repair, alter and take better care of them.
"We are so excited to have Orsola's endorsement. The fashion industry has a dark side and collective irresponsibility needs to end. Orsola's organisation, Fashion Revolution, is an inspiration of ours and we respect and admire her work to change attitudes and habits, and help us as consumers use our voice for positive effect."
Lulu O'Connor, Founder of Clothes Doctor
With this partnership we will work together to raise our shared vision, develop new projects and continue to empower you to love your wardrobe for longer.
Join the revolution and embrace a more sustainable wardrobe…with us! 

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