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Make, Do & Mend: Why Repairing Clothes Is the Key To Sustainable Fashion

We were featured by Refinery 29 in their recent article Make Do & Mend: Why Repairing Clothes Is The Key To Sustainable Fashion. 

"It wasn’t so long ago that repairing clothes was an ingrained habit, when spending a slightly larger proportion of your income on what you wore and taking good care of it was the norm, and being able to sew a button or mend a hem was a basic life skill...
But with the dawn of fast fashion, repairing clothes started to feel rather obsolete. Why spend the time and money to mend something when it’s cheaper, easier and far more thrilling to buy new?"
"Clothes Doctor aims to encourage more of us to adopt a make do and mend approach to our entire wardrobe, whether that’s darning and de-pilling old jumpers, turning collars or shortening hems... repairing clothes is easy!"
Founder Lulu says that she "wanted to build a platform so that people could look after their clothes in a really easy, convenient and efficient way. Not to mention the fact that, as I became more interested in the effect of fast fashion on the planet, I started to understand the magnitude of the problem, and the importance of looking after our garments and repairing clothes properly as an antidote to this."
To find out more about Clothes Doctors repairs, alterations, and restoration treatments, click here. Watch our online tutorials so you can start repairing clothes too, here. 
Read the full feature at Refinery 29 here.
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