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How To Wash Bed Linen

Lazy Sundays in bed are unbeatable: it's a universal truth! But they're only luxurious if you're feeling clean as well as cosy. Luckily, we're here to help you give your bed linen a powerful clean, while being as hassle-free and eco-friendly as possible. We've got the juicy tips and tricks to help you wash bed linen so you can breathe in fragrant freshness every time your head hits the pillow. Here's how to wash bed linen. 
How often to wash bed linen...
Now, how often you wash bed linen depends on a few factors, and won't be the same for everybody. The factors that determine how quickly your bedsheets get dirty include: a) whether you wear pyjamas or not, b) whether you shower before bed or not, c) whether you're sharing a bed or not.  
With these in mind, on average we recommend washing your bed linen weekly, but this will vary based on these factors, eg, you can wash your bed linen less frequently if you wear pyjamas in bed vs if you don't. Make sense? 
How to wash bed linen. 
At Clothes Doctor, we're normally big advocates for hand washing clothes, as it's a much gentler way to clean them - but even we're not silly enough to suggest that you hand wash your bed linen. You'll need to power up the washing machine this time! 
However, we do still recommend that you wash bed linen low and slow - a 30 degree wash if possible, and a gentle spin cycle. Although, we do recommend a hotter wash in certain circumstances, for example if the bed linen has been the home of someone who's been ill. Best use a higher temperature to make sure all those germs are busted. 
Find the perfect detergent...
For the ideal wash that combines a dreamy, gentle scent, with a sucker punch against stains (even at low temperatures), try our Basil & Mandarin Leaf Duo. The detergent cleanses, nourishes and rejuvenates fabrics, while the conditioner will de-crease and soften your bedsheets, so bedtime stays soft and cosy for longer. Plus, if you subscribe to our B&M Duo, you'll get 20% off, free delivery, and you wont even need to think about laundry day, it'll just get sent straight to your door. 
Top tip: If your bed linen is white, you can add a capful of Tough Love Stain Removal to your wash load to brighten the whites, and provide that extra power to fight stains. 
Drying your bed linen.
Taking out a sopping load of bed linen to try and air dry may seem a little farfetched - our advice is to set your laundry load to do an extra spin cycle, so as much water can be siphoned off as possible, making it easier to air dry your bed linen. 
Then, hang your bed linen to try. If you're drying inside your house, just make sure to pop a window open, to let the moisture in the air escape so you don't risk any damp! Similarly, to boost the whites of your bed linen, air dry in direct sunlight to harness the natural bleaching power of the sun's UV rays. 
 Tah dah, now you've got all the know-how to keep your bedsheets soft and luxurious when you wash bed linen at home. If you want to master every laundry day, take a look at our whole range of products - we've got everything from cashmere detergent to darning tools. Go on, look for yourself. 
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