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How To Makeover Your Clothes This Spring

As the time for warmer weather and (slightly) longer evenings rolls around, you might be tempted by those clothes stores or fashion sites to splash the cash on a whole new wardrobe for the new season. Resist the call of the haul! You can get the look and feel of a new wardrobe without spending a penny on new clothes! It's time to makeover your clothes. 
That's right - with a few handy tips, a little nifty knowhow and the right tools, you can makeover your clothes and breathe new life into your garments to create a whole new wardrobe all by yourself. Plus, you're not contributing to the cycle of fashion contribution and waste: winner! Re-using your clothes for a new season is a fantastic step to achieving a more sustainable wardrobe, so here's a few ideas on how to makeover your clothes and create a whole new wardrobe (kinda...) this spring. 
1. Try some visible mending
At Clothes Doctor, we're pretty obsessed with visible mending and darning, and its an amazing way to makeover your clothes. Perhaps if an old jumper has some moth holes or tears, you can mend your garment and give it a spruce up with some visible mending.
Just look at this darning job - beautiful! 
"Visible mending is my favourite way to rejuvenate a garment I haven't worn in a while, and it's a great way to get creative and personalise my clothes - that way they're truly unique..." - Helen, a friend and fan of Clothes Doctor.  
Want to makeover your clothes with your own visible mending?
Get your hands on our Darning Needle Setwhich includes a collection of the essential needles that you'll need to darn holes in all types of fabric, plus a simple guide detailing everything you need to know to help you get darning with confidence. 
2. Get last spring's garments looking fresh
Do you ever dig around the back of your wardrobe and find an old favourite garment that just needs a little TLC...? Maybe you've found some stains on your favourite sun dress, or last year's jeans are smelling a little... funky. 
Luckily we've got all the tools to give your wardrobe the ultimate refresh and help you makeover your clothes. And do you want to know our top tip for the ultimate clothing refresh? 
Grab hold of a de-pilling comb so you can rid the sleeves and collars of your favourite spring knits of those nightmarish little bobbles, or pills. It can make an old garment look brand new! 
3. Restore your leather garments
We don't know about you, but we think a leather jacket is a spring time staple, so one of the best ways to makeover your clothes for spring is to give your leather jacket a little love and attention. 
To rehydrate cracked or faded leather, all you need to do is grab our Sandalwood Leather Balm and work it into the leather with a soft sponge, in gentle circular motions. Perfect for leather jackets, boots or bags, it'll give your leather garments the shine they once had, not to mention a gorgeous, woody scent. 
4. Declutter and detox
One fool proof way to makeover your clothes, or really, makeover your wardrobe rather than clothes, is to have a good spring clean declutter.
We say, messy wardrobe, messy life! So it's good from time to time to pull everything out, have a good sort through, and rehome any clothes you think you may not be wearing this spring. This also gives you the chance to see all your spring clothing in front of you, which makes it much easier to consolidate what clothes you've got and plan your outfits more easily! Plus, if you take your old clothes to a charity shop, it gives someone else the chance to create their spring wardrobe with what you once had - much more eco-friendly than buying new all the time! 
We hope that our tips have given you a couple of ideas for how to makeover your clothes for spring, without breaking the bank (or hurting the planet). What garment are you going to try some visible mending on next?
Now your spring favourites are sorted, boss your whole clothing care routine with Clothes Doctor's full range of specialist detergents and clothing care tools. You'll be a pro in no time. 
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