How to Make A Christmas Wreath | Inspired by Our Treat Me Scent Bag

How to Make A Christmas Wreath | Inspired by Our Treat Me Scent Bag

We are sharing how to make a classic Christmas wreath to beautifully hang on your front door with the natural ingredients that make up our 'Treat Me' scent bag. From cinnamon sticks, to dried orange peel, the star anise and cloves, each of these stunning ingredients. 



Step One: 

Begin by gathering materials: a wire wreath frame, greenery (real or artificial), wire or floral wire, decorative items like ornaments and bows, wire cutters, and ribbon.

You can even find the greenery you need by foraging in your garden or the local park! We found holly in the park, and then the ivy and fir in a garden. 

Buy your wreath oasis, and soak it in water overnight.

Step Two: 

Layer the greenery, varying types for texture. Shape and fluff the branches for a full look. Integrate your dried orange, cinnamon, star anise and any other elements that you'd like to sparkle on your wreath, attaching them with wire. You can also craft a bow from ribbon and attach it to the wreath.

Make sure you keep your wreath balanced and symmetrical, making adjustments as needed.

Step Three:

Finally, create a hanging loop with a ribbon at the top of the wreath, securing it with wire - this loop serves as the hanger. Finally, find a suitable spot to hang your wreath and proudly show it off! 

Ta da! You have a gorgeous Christmas wreath!

Christmas Wreath

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