Celebrating Plastic Free July with our '5 Days to Zero Waste Laundry' Challenge - Clothes Doctor

Celebrating Plastic Free July with our '5 Days to Zero Waste Laundry' Challenge

Join our 5 day challenge to begin a zero waste laundry routine

It's always time to rethink plastic! 


At Clothes Doctor, we aim to provide you the tools you need to embrace a more sustainable wardrobe and lifestyle. One of the easiest ways to reduce the amount of plastic in your house is to stop buying plastic bottles of laundry detergent! 

According to the House of Commons, "Plastic bottles make up a third of all plastic pollution in the sea. If marine plastic pollution continues to rise at its current rate, the amount of plastic in the sea will outweigh fish by 2050."

Who said we need to use plastic bottles with toxic chemicals to wash our clothes? 

We are proud to say that our products are made using natural ingredients, are vegan, cruelty free and are packaged in 100% aluminium bottles, making the container infinitely recyclable in an efficient, 'closed-loop' system, (unlike plastic!). It even has a compostable label - so we can all contribute to a cleaner ocean, whilst caring for our clothes.

With small changes on your laundry routine, you can join Plastic Free July and reduce the use of plastic. 

Together let's set personal challenges for a global effort!


Day 1 - Choose Organic Fabrics When You Shop

Synthetic microfibres are one of the biggest issues facing our oceans, which can do terrible damage to aquatic food chains.

According to VOX, "In a typical wash, 700,000 fibres could come off. Other studies have come up with different estimates. One 2011 paper found 1,900 fibres could be released from a single synthetic garment in a wash; another effort estimated 1 million fibres could be released from washing polyester fleece"

Synthetic fibres usually break apart in a normal wash cycle, and tiny particles wash down the drain, and inevitably get ditched into the sea.

Look for clothes made from hemp, soy (yes we're serious - check out soy-silk or soy-cashmere), undyed organic cotton, wool or linen (which is made from flax) - these do not contain synthetic microfibres and can be more easily recycled.

If you still haven't read How To Achieve a More Sustainable Wardrobe, now is a good time!

Day 2 - Use A Plastic-free Detergent in Your Machine, and a Guppy Bag

Care for your clothes and the planet using mineral-based detergent that is free from toxins and harsh chemicals. Our No.2 Signature Eco Wash has a non-biological formula which is gentle, effective at stain removal, and perfect for use at low temperatures (plus, it smells divine!)


Try using a Guppy Bag to catch micro-fibres when you wash synthetic garments, and empty them into the bin and away from our waterways.

Day 3 - Hand Wash Your Knitwear and Delicates Where Possible

Cashmere and wool are delicate natural fabrics that deserve special treatment (as we all do from time to time). Our Cashmere and Wool Eco Wash was specially made to care for cashmere and wool fibres and make them soft, revived and smelling delicious!

This luxurious liquid is the perfect alternative to dry cleaning, and is delicately fragranced with sandalwood and patchouli. It will leave your knitwear refreshed and nourished. Read our fill guide on How To Hand Wash Knitwear at Home.


Delicate fibres, like silk, also require special attention when it comes to washing. With the right method, a delicate detergent, and a little knowledge, you can safely wash silk and delicates at home. Learn more here about why we love hand-washing silk and delicates. We promise that once you try it, you'll never look back! 

Our No.4 Eco Wash for Silk and Delicates was created so that you can feel confident washing your silk and delicates. Crafted with our proprietary formula and fragranced with bergamot and patchouli, No.4 leaves silk garments refreshed and nourished. Not quite sure how to hand wash this? We'll help you out, just follow our guide.


Day 4 - Steam Clean to Refresh 

One of the top eco-friendly tips from our founder Lulu, is to steam your clothes!

As opposed to dry cleaning, steam cleaning uses natural methods to kill bacteria and remove odours, and to refresh your clothes and remove creases.

It's also the perfect option for suits and other tailored items that can't be hand-washed.

Day 5 - Choose a Reusable, Zero Waste Face Mask

& Keep it Clean With Our Limited Edition Cotton Wash

When choosing your face mask, be sure that you're contributing to your zero waste lifestyle as well. According to Éric Pauget, a French politician, "Masks often contain plastics such as polypropylene, with a lifespan of 450 years, these masks are an ecological timebomb given their lasting environmental consequences for our planet...” 
Source The Guardian 

Our team has made reusable zero waste non-medical face masks using sterilised scraps of fabric from our workshop. Our limited edition Cotton Wash is perfect to keep it refreshed, hygienic, smelling amazing, and leave a gentle touch on your skin. And of course, making it reusable time and time again.


Congratulations! You've just completed your '5 Days to Zero Waste Laundry' Challenge...keep it going and together we can all make a lasting difference.

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