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How To Dress Sustainably With Fashion Beans and Clothes Doctor - Clothes Doctor

How To Dress Sustainably With Fashion Beans and Clothes Doctor

FashionBeans is a men's fashion and style online magazine - updating their followers on men's fashion, grooming, style inspiration and lifestyle tips. They reached out to Clothes Doctor to talk sustainability in fashion; and have put together a list of how to be just that. 

1. Take Stock Of Your Wardrobe

Like carrying a reusable shopping tote or refusing a plastic straw, creating a (figuratively) greener wardrobe is a simple but powerful act in the fight against climate change. And it can be a simple as doing a quick wardrobe itinerary before hitting ‘add to basket’.


2. Buy From Brands That Promote Sustainability

Not so fun fact: WRAP puts the average lifespan of a garment in a developed country like the UK at a paltry 3.3 years. But that statistic is easily increased by adopting a buy less, buy better approach.

“Sustainability doesn’t have to be complicated, it can be as simple as buying from a brand that guarantees its products, so you don’t have to shell out again if anything happens to them,” explains Tom Cridland, a designer known for his range of 30-year sweatshirts. “We produce garments that are backed by a three-decade repair or replacement promise. They’re staples that don’t go in or out of fashion and are cornerstones of a wardrobe.” Eco-friendly and not woven from multi-coloured wicker – ace.

3. Repair Your Old Clothes

The saying ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ holds real water in menswear. But so too should ‘If it’s broke, fix it.’

“Most of us don’t think about mending a pair of jeans that have ripped at the crotch, or a jacket sleeve that’s been nibbled at by moths, but it is worth it,” says Lucinda O’Connor, founder of Clothes Doctor.

Make acquaintance with your local seamstress or dry cleaner, or use an online service such as the Clothes Doctor which will collect your damaged clothes and return them as good as new.

4. Buy Timeless Pieces

When the new season stock hits stores, it’s easy to get carried away with a scattergun approach to shopping. And while it’s fine to top up your wardrobe with a few must-have pieces, it’s worth ensuring you’ve got a solid roster of trusty staples that won’t date in place first. The environment will thank you (in its own silent way), and so will your wallet.

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These are just a few, read the full list and article on the FashionBeans website here.

Written by FashionBeans Editors.

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