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How To Clean Your Washing Machine

Your washing machine does a top job of keeping your clothes clean and pristine, but sometimes you need to give a little love back to that hard-working appliance. Knowing how to keep your machine in tip top condition will reimburse you with years of good washing into the future, so here's our top tips for keeping your washing machine clean, healthy and working perfectly. 
Pre-Washing Tips
This may sound obvious, but take care to remove the bits and bobs from your pockets before throwing garments into the washing machine. Usually a stray coin or hair grip won't do much damage, and you'll just find it again when hanging up your clothes, but sometimes these little things can get caught in the washing machine filter, leading to a blockage. It may seem unlikely, but taking the time to check your pockets could save you from a whole washing machine meltdown!
Similarly, make sure not to overfill your washing machine, as a load beyond the recommended capacity for the machine can cause damage to the drum and decrease the overall efficiency of the machine. Furthermore, overloading the machine often leads to clothing not actually being washed properly, and a build-up of excess product, so it's best to stick to the recommended capacity. 
Our Top Tip: Always leave your washing machine door open after completing a cycle. If you keep the door closed, the moisture has nowhere to go, so mould will grow much more quickly. Leave the door open until it's all dry inside!
How To Give Your Machine A Maintenance Wash
A semi-regular maintenance wash is one of the best (and easiest) ways to keep your washing machine in good condition - it'll help get rid of any product build-up or mould that may have found its way into your machine, and clears out any old water that might be left in the drum. Remember, a cleaner machine means cleaner clothes! 
We recommend doing a maintenance wash roughly once every two months - if you can see little black spots appearing on the door seal or inside the machine, it's time for a wash.
  • Make sure your machine is empty - you don't want to be washing any clothes this time. 
  • Add a washing machine cleaning solution - choose one with bleach for the best results. 
  • Choose a cotton cycle on your machine and set to the highest temperature on the machine. We usually recommend washing your clothes at low temperatures, but for a thorough machine clean, you'll want hot water. 
  • Leave the cycle to run, then when it's finished, pull back the door seal to wipe away any debris or water left over. Leave the door open for everything to dry out. 

Our Top Tip: If you can't find a washing machine cleaning solution, you can make your own. Use two cups of white vinegar, half a cup of water, and a quarter cup of bicarbonate of soda. Mix well before you use it.

How To Clean Your Detergent Drawer

It's also worth giving your detergent drawer a clean every time you do a maintenance wash to prevent old detergent deposits building up. 

Simply pull the drawer out as far as it can go and look for a catch to press down that lets you remove it from the machine. In most models it’s in the middle - if you can’t see it, check out your manufacturer’s instructions. Now wash your drawer in a sink full of warm soapy water. Take out any compartments that are removable, and give everything a good scrub. Then rinse, dry and reassemble. Slot it back into your machine - but before you do this, give the drawer slot a good wipe too.

Sometimes these drawers can get clogged due to a build up of detergent that isn't being properly washed down - if you're finding this is happening to you, consider switching from a powder detergent to a liquid detergent, which is more easily rinsed away. Try our  Basil and Mandarin Leaf Eco Liquid Detergent for a beautiful scent and powerful cleaning capabilities, even at low temperatures! 


 How To Clean Your Washing Machine Filter

Similarly, we recommend giving your washing machine filter a good clean roughly every 3 months. The filter is found usually at the bottom of your machine (on most front-loader UK machines), and you might need to remove a cover to find it. Some water will leak out when you remove your filter, so be sure to put some towels down to catch it. Unscrew the filter and let the water flow out, then rinse the filter by running it under hot water. Screw it back in, replace and cover, and you're all done! Simple. 


At Clothes Doctor, we're all about lengthening the lifetime of your clothing, and having a good working washing machine will obviously help you do this! We hope that, with our tips, you can keep your washing machine in great condition, so your clothes come out perfectly every time. 

Now you've bossed your washing machine clean, tackle the rest of your laundry routine with our full range of detergents and conditioners. 


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