How to Care for your Wool in partnership with Aubin & Wills

How to Care for your Wool in partnership with Aubin & Wills

With the Autumn months bringing in the cooler weather, our wool pieces once again become our most beloved wardrobe pieces. To celebrate our woollen heroes, throughout October we are bringing awareness to wool month, a time to celebrate British wool and the products that protect it. 

To help you care for your wool this month, we have paired with Aubin to bring you the ultimate wool care guide. Aubin’s high-quality timeless knitwear combined with our wool care essentials make for quite the duo.

With expert tips on how to wash, dry, and store your Aubin wool and with some help from our wool essentials, your wool will look and smell incredible for many winter seasons to come. Plus, for the whole of October, you can enjoy 15% off at Aubin and the Clothes Doctor’s range with code WOOL15

Wool Care

How to Hand Wash Your Wool

The first trick to washing your wool is to avoid washing it unless it is actually dirty! Washing your wool too often can cause it to lose its colour and softness, so don’t wash it more than you have to! If your wool needs a little refresh between washes then try our gorgeously scented Knitwear Mists to give them a refresh. 

For when you do need to wash your wool, then follow our three handwashing steps: 

  1. Fill a basin with cool water and add 2-3 caps of our Wool Detergent, the pH-neutral formula protects the natural fibres and the essential oil-based fragrance helps defend your Aubin & Wills wool from moths. 
  2. Turn your garment inside out and gently submerge it, agitating the water with your hands to distribute the soap. Be careful not to pull and stretch the fabric at this stage, as this may misshape your garment. Leave it to soak Soak for up to 30 minutes.
  3. Rinse with cool, fresh water and then gently press between your hands to remove water. 

How to wash wool

How to Dry Your Wool

To dry your wool you should always avoid the tumble dryer as the heat can cause the fabrics to shrink - and we all want to avoid a shrunken jumper fiasco!

To air dry, remove excess water from your wool jumper with a towel, then leave your garment to dry flat in an airy space out of direct sunlight. Hanging it can cause the fibres to stretch under the weight of the garment, especially with thick knitwear, like sweaters. 

How to prevent your wool from pilling

Pilling is when your wool jumpers get little fabric balls on them, and unfortunately, it is often inevitable with woollen fabrics. Pilling is caused by the friction when the garment rubs together, meaning it is more likely to happen around the armpits, elbows and sides of your wool piece. 

By handwashing your wool with specialist detergent you are already helping reduce the amount of pilling! Then if pilling still occurs, use our cashmere comb to help remove any bobbles by gently moving the comb down the fabric. 

Depilling a jumper

How to store your wool 

When storing or putting your Aubin knitwear away, you’ll want to try and avoid clothes moths. Because wool is a natural fibre, and therefore contains proteins, it’s a feast for moths if given a chance.

One trick is to pop our natural scent bags in the drawer with your knitwear or hang them in the wardrobe. The natural fragrances help keep the moths away and also keep your wardrobes and drawers smelling wonderful.

For an instant moth repellent, spray our Knitwear Mists directly onto the fabric for some extra moth defence!

Knitwear Mist


By following these wool care tips, your Aubin knitwear will not only feel amazing but also be stunningly scented and protected from moths. If you’re feeling inspired to add an Aubin piece to your wardrobe and the proper wool care products to your laundry routine, enjoy 15% off both Aubin and Clothes Doctor this month by entering the code WOOL15 at checkout. 

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