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How To Care For Your Sportswear

Have you ever wondered: What is the best detergent for your sportswear? Should you wash your cycling shorts in the machine or hand wash them? Can you use fabric softener on your cycling kit?

After partnering with Stolen Goat, to launch our co-branded No.5 For Sportswear to enhance the life of your sports garments, we shared some of our expert kit care tips with Epic Road Rides

Stolen Goat x Clothes Doctor

We've teamed up to share our top tips for taking care of your sports kit:

  • Use a liquid detergent but of course we recommend our Eco Wash For Sportswear! Developed especially for synthetic fabrics and performance fabrics, No.5 provides a powerful cleaning experience. It combines eucalyptus, lemongrass and tea tree to leave a refreshing and uplifting fragrance to enjoy when you work out. Cruelty free, free from plastic and free from palm oil, its anti-bacterial deodorising essential oils make it the absolute essential for any sportswear kit!
  • Wash your sportswear no warmer than 30°C;
  • Do not use fabric softener (it can inhibit the moisture wicking properties of fabric, as well as the water-repellent properties and breathability of the fabric, it can also cause loss of elasticity in the fabric, leading to slightly baggy bits on your bib shorts, or looseness on the leg grippers).
  • Avoid using stain removers or bleach;
  • Avoid washing your kit with everyday garments;
  • Zip up any jerseys/jackets and turn them inside out so that zip teeth are less likely to cause any abrasion on other garments.

  • There's more to it! Just keep reading the full article here to find out how to remove bike grease from your cycling clothes, how best to wash your cycling shorts, and much more!


    How To Repair Damaged Sports Kit

    Sportswear is usually designed for high-intensity activities such as cycling, running, or gym workouts, and so even the most durable items can get damaged over time by use and frequent washing.

    The most common damage we encounter which can be repaired or replaced invisibly is:

    • Broken zips on jackets
    • Replacing elastic
    • Worn out velcro
    • Ripped seams

    There is also a very common request which is for visible patching to repair damaged kit, often after a fall off a bike, or a tear in a sailing or ski jacket.

    Velcro and zippers roughen up your sportswear during washing and can pull on threads; hiking with backpacks or rucksacks can roughen the surface of your garments, and tears and holes can appear from unexpected falls.

    From zip replacements, new cuffs, to tear repairs and stain removal, our expert team of seamstress always work with sustainability and longevity in mind. Using fabric off-cuts for repairs wherever possible, we make sure your garment will look (and feel) as good as new and ready to be enjoyed for many more happy miles. Simply request a quote and make your clothes last longer!

    Do you have a repair that you would like us to undertake?


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