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How to Care for Your Leather, with Karen Millen

Timeless, elegant and versatile, or at least, that's how we all want our leather items to be! But everything from UV rays to wet autumn weather can play havoc with our favourite leather pieces, and cause fading, cracking and brittleness. Just like with other natural fibres, leather care is easier said than done. So we've teamed up with Karen Millen to help show you how to care for leather, and restore your treasured leathers to their former glory, and keep them that way - truly timeless!

How to Care for Leather

The following is a brief overview on how to care for leather products in general. We've got another article coming soon with specific leather care advice for nappa, sheepskin and more!

The first step in leather care is to know how to reduce damage to your leather clothing. Correct storage can go a long way in keeping leather garments nice for longer. They should always be hung, to prevent creasing, which will never come out. Sunlight can also cause the colour to irreparably fade, so ensuring the leather is in a dark place is the best way to prevent this. If you have open storage or just want to be extra safe, use a garment bag to protect the leather from the summer sun.

Moths also love to nibble at various leathers and their linings. If you are retiring your leather jacket for the winter, consider using one of our 'Protect Me' Fragrance Bags. Their lavender and patchouli scent is a natural moth deterrent, with the added benefit of keeping your clothes smelling heavenly.

While it is known for being waterproof, it is best to avoid wearing leather in the rain. This is an important step in knowing how to care for leather. Water will discolour the material, especially if it is natural and unpainted. However, there are ways to fix this, along with getting rid of any light scuffs and scratches.

We have a handy kit for your natural leather care needs. Our Leather Care Kit contains sandalwood leather balm, a natural sea sponge and a lint-free bamboo cloth. Its sustainable packaging and ingredients protects the environment while you can protect your leather!

How to use the Leather Care Kit: 

Firstly, it is very important to note that this only works when we are planning to care for leather that is natural and dark in colour. Coloured and pale leathers will need to be dry cleaned. While this is not perfect, it is still the least damaging option for pale and painted leathers.

 leather jacket in 4 steps of cleaning

Step 1:

Brush dirt and dust away from the affected area.

 Step 2: 

Rub the Sandalwood Leather Balm into the leather using the Natural Sea Sponge. This will moisturise the material and soften it.

Step 3:

Use the Bamboo Cloth to buff away surface-level scratches and excess balm.

How to Keep Your Leather Garments Fresh

No matter how much we try to avoid it, wearing clothes means they will eventually need to be cleaned. As we have seen, this is often difficult for leather garments and they should be dry cleaned. However, this is something we should try to delay as long as possible, as dry cleaning uses potentially harmful chemicals.

Most leather garments have a cloth lining, and it is this that often holds odours. To prevent this, you should make sure you hang the jacket and use a deodorising spray when you can. As a catch-all deodorising product, We recommend our White Tea and Mint Deodorising Spray. It's specifically designed to target impurities and remove odours, and its uplifting fragrances will leave your wardrobe smelling amazing!


However, we do understand that sometimes you need something a little bit more. Despite our best efforts, leather care can get the best of us. But it is not yet too late! If your leather garments cannot be saved with ointments and deodorising sprays, or even if you are just nervous about taking care of it yourself, Clothes Doctor’s Repairs Team has your back. Follow the link to get in touch and get the most out of your leather clothes.

And there you have it! A need-to-know guide on how to care for leather, of all types. And if you fancy adding more pieces to your wardrobe, ready to use our leather care tips, why not check out Karen Millen's leather jackets.



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