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How To Blanket Stitch Like a Boss | Sewing Tutorial

Ever wondered how to do a blanket stitch? In one sentence, you need to loop, hook, tighten, repeat.

The blanket stitch is a popular method of stitching and is used to tidy and reinforce the edge of thick materials. You can also use it round the edge of a patch to make a decorative finish for your repair.
It's called a blanket stitch because originally it was used to secure the edge of blankets and stop them unravelling. As a blanket is two sided, it works better than other stitches because it looks good from both sides. The overall effect is like a ladder running down the side of the fabric.
Follow our simple steps to learn how to do a blanket stitch the easy way:
1. Pass the needle from underneath, through the blanket, to the front side.
2. Repeat step 1, passing the needle through the same hole.
3. Before pulling the thread right through, pop the needle through the loop

blanket stitch loop pulled through
4. And then pull the thread.
pulling tight a blanket stitch
5. Move your needle along to the right, and try to pick a spot for the next stitch that is in line with the first. Push your needle through from the underside to the front.
6. Once again, before you pull tight, pop the needle through the loop from the stitch before.
blanket stitch second stitch
7. Tighten, and just keep going...
8. ..until your blanket is looking beautiful and revived! 
Congratulations, you just learned how to blanket stitch! 
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