Elles Belles Notebook Reviews Clothes Doctor - Clothes Doctor

Elles Belles Notebook Reviews Clothes Doctor

This month our range of Eco Washes were reviewed on Elles Belles Notebook blog. 

"The signature eco-washing detergent is perfect for me. It cleans my clothes without leaving a fake fragrance – just a lovely clean scent – or irritating my skin, like other products do (looking at you Daz!) Also, it’s so easy to use and good for the environment...

I’m particularly pleased as my eczema has cleared up since using the product, so clearly my old detergent was aggravating my skin in some way."

Clothes Doctor Signature Eco Wash

"Clothes Doctor's Silk Wash worked great. Very similar to the signature eco-washing detergent, it didn’t leave behind a fragrance just a scent of cleanliness. It washed out any of the sweat and alcohol – it was a party folks! – I got on it and when I hung it on a hanger it aired beautifully.

The product comes in liquid form, unlike the signature eco-wash and it’s recommended you use it in hand washing or delicate wash cycles only. I used it in a delicate wash and it was fine."

Clothes Doctor Eco Silk Wash

"All in all, I am loving the Clothes Doctor products, and also their service. They’re honestly lovely!

Their ethos, the fact that they’re a British based company and super friendly/helpful just makes working with them and being a customer all the more special."

Click here to read the full review over on Elle's Belles blog. 

You can find out more about our clothing care products here.

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