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Our Eco-Friendly Clothing Care Range

Clothing maintenance is not simply about repairing, altering, and restoring items when they need it, but the key to enjoying your clothes for longer is washing them correctly. 

Our products were developed as the natural next step in our mission to reduce fashion pollution and waste, and to empower you to love your clothes for longer. And with the average lifetime for a garment estimated as just 2.2 years, and an estimated £140 million worth of clothing ending up in landfill each year in the UK, we believe looking after your clothes properly is more important now than ever. 

These products have been formulated with our extensive knowledge of clothing care, to give every item in your wardrobe a bespoke clean that is tailored to its fabric and construction. 

The range currently includes 5 unique washes, each of which contains a unique proprietary formula, including a rich blend of plant-based ingredients which are super kind on fabric, skin, and the planet. 

Read on to find out more about each unique product and the benefits of switching to a more eco-friendly laundry routine - and see our latest addition to the range. 

No.2 Signature 

"Our Signature Eco Wash is exactly what has been missing from my clothing care routine at home - its super effective at 30 degrees, made from natural ingredients, reduces my plastic footprint, and helps my clothes look fabulous well into the future. Perfect!" - Lulu, Founder of Clothes Doctor 

Signature Wash

Signature Wash is our most versatile wash and unlike any domestic laundry detergent available on the market. Signature consists of our industry-first formula, combining the power of a true professional-grade wash with plant-based ingredients, delivering all the power and softness of a true eco product. Signature is a powder-based product, specifically designed to dissolve much better than any pod at lower temperatures, working super efficiently at 30 degrees. 

Signature is a multi-purpose product, perfect for normal garments and everyday washing - and is quickly becoming a favourite in the range. 


No.3 Cashmere & Wool 

Cashmere wash

Cashmere and wool make wonderful garments to wear, but we often found that these delicate items were returning back to our workshop from the dry cleaners looking a little dull and lifeless. 

That's why we've created our Cashmere Wash as a brilliant eco-alternative to dry-cleaning, to give you the confidence to wash cashmere at home. 

Lightly fragranced with sandalwood and patchouli, amongst other essential ingredients, our Cashmere Wash is perfect for gentle cleaning, renewing, and softening. This also contains our anti-moth formula, so naturally protects your garments from clothes moths in your wardrobe long after washing.


No.4 Silk

Silk Wash

Silk is a soft, lustrous and luxurious fabric, that has a natural sheen and good absorbency. But silk is extremely delicate, and the fibres can sometimes degrade with heat and perspiration, so its best to take time and care when washing silk. 

The truth is that you can actually save a lot of time and money by delicately hand washing silk at home, instead of taking a garment to the dry cleaners each time you find that it's in need of refreshing. We believe that washing silk at home can actually produce better results, and leave it feeling and looking its best long after washing. 

To top it all off, our Silk Wash is delicately scented with patchouli and bergamot, to naturally restore silk's luxurious feel, and leave it smelling great. 


*COMING SOON* No.5 Sportswear 

Clothes Doctor eco sportswash

Our brand new Eco Sportswash comes with Clothes Doctor's proprietary "Freshen™" formulation that delivers a totally natural four-way anti-odour and anti-bacterial wash. 

This unique product has been crafted from the ground up with leading sportings brand and is the first natural sportswear wash of its kind. 

Its power is in the cleaning: which eliminates odour, bacteria, and fungal spores to leave your kit refreshed after each wash. With a zingy fragrance of eucalyptus oil, tea tree, and lemongrass among other essential ingredients will leave technical items smelling naturally fresh. 


Clothes Doctor eco-friendly clothes wash  

And this is just the beginning! The bottle has been crafted so that it's fully reusable and recyclable.  Alongside this, we will also be accepting bottles back to be reused, and have just launched our subscription programme - so that you can enjoy the convenience of having our products regularly delivered to your door. 

Why not detox your laundry routine this summer with our eco-friendly products? Say goodbye to the cost and nasty chemicals used in the dry cleaning process and the inefficiencies of your run-of-the-mill detergent, and hello to a happy wardrobe! Explore the full range:


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