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Conscious Christmas Gift Guide: Sustainable Stocking Fillers Under £25

We're all trying to make our Christmas a little more Conscious this year: by avoiding glitter and non-recyclable wrapping paper, unwanted presents, and being careful not to waste food (fat chance of that over at Casa Clothes Doctor!). Well when it comes to eco-friendly gifts, we've got you covered.
We want to show some solidarity to our fellow Brits, by showcasing seven sustainable gift ideas that we love. Our Conscious Christmas Gift Guide is here to help you find the perfect present.

All of these goodies are sustainable, ethical, from the UK and under £25.

1. Pepi Collection: Reusable Nappy 
Pepi Collection make baby’s bum even more adorable with a range of fun, playful artworks and colourways. Designed by a mum and ethically made featuring Pepi’s signature prints. They are the perfect solution even if you’re still getting the hang of reusable cloth nappies. 
£15.95 at Pepi Collection
2. By Rotation
This fashion rental platform and app was created to transform the way we consume fashion. By keeping clothing in circulation you avoid clothes from ending up in landfill, so help them out and offer a gift card to surprise your fashionista friend with designer clothing!
There's more: they are committed in becoming a fully sustainable business, so they've also partnered with us to encourage their community to find a sustainable alternative to dry cleaning and help mend and restore items to lengthen their lifecycle. 

£20.00 at By Rotation


3. Clothes Doctor: Basil & Mandarin Leaf Duo Set

Bring a little slice of luxury to your laundry day with our Basil & Mandarin Leaf Eco Liquid Detergent and Fabric Conditioner. Buy the pair together and save.

A powerful cleansing formula and a detoxifying delicate softener? Please, these two are made for each other. Combining the peppery aroma of basil with the invigorating benefits of mandarin leaf, this wonderful refreshing fragrance lingers on your clothing after every wash. 

Look out eco warriors, our products are here, packed full of everything you need to leave your clothes super clean and wonderfully refreshed. Made in the UK, vegan, cruelty-free, palm oil free, and made from infinitely recyclable aluminium. Seriously, what else?


£25 at


4. Otter: Mulled Wine Christmas Candle 

Otter Candle Co make vegan candles hand-poured in small batches. Each candle is unique and contains coconut and soy wax blended with essential and fragrance oils. All of their products are paraben and cruelty-free. 
The Mulled Wine candle is a Christmas special. A festive scent of aromatic clove, cinnamon, orange, ginger and red wine. Best enjoyed on a cold Christmas evening with a glass of mulled wine. 
£10-£17 at

5. Bee Bee Wraps: The Cheese Pack 

BeeBee Wraps are a reusable, plastic-free alternative to clingfilm. They have a breathable quality which makes them ideal for storing cheese and keeping it fresher for longer. This means less food waste and no more wincing at wet, sweaty cheese wrapped in plastic in your fridge!
The Cheese Pack is the ideal companion to any cheese board the Christmas, not only do BeeBee Wraps keep your cheese happily fresh for days and weeks on end, but the three different designs help to identify which of last night's cheese your BeeBee Wraps are storing!
£15 at

6. Tandem Skincare: Cleansing Hero

Tandem creates skincare that simply looks after skin and is kind on the environment. Using natural and organic ingredients, Tandem's products will quickly become a staple to anyone's skincare regime. 
Cleansing Hero is a silky, milky multi-tasking legend for kinder cleansing. Organic rice bran oil and olive squalane dissolve dirt, excess sebum and makeup – all while softening skin and protecting its natural barrier. Chamomile extract calms and soothes, while rose geranium and mandarin botanicals add a fragrance you’d sniff all day if it was any way socially acceptable...
£17.50 at
7. Soapdaze: Frankincense Soap and Facecloth Gift Box
Soap Daze make wholesome soaps and skincare products that have honest natural ingredients which are kind to your skin and the environment. All Soap Daze's products are lovingly handcrafted in small batches in Devon using plant oils, essential oils, herbs and spices.
This set includes Frankincense soap with a 100% handknitted soft cotton facecloth, in a Kraft gift box. Frankincense has a scent reminiscent of pine forests and is sweet and woody. Sweet Orange has a sweet, revitalising scent. Also contains hints of clove and nutmeg essential oils. And ground cinnamon is swirled into this soap, and it is brushed with gold mica, which is a natural mineral pigment.
Check out their other gift sets here. 
Shop Clothes Doctor to make this year extra special... 


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