Leather Restoration Treatments


For leather which looks aged, tired, dry, or cracked, our range of Leather Restoration Treatments restore moisture, revive suppleness, shine, and have worn garments looking as good as new. Choose from our range of services or combine them to completely restore your leather garment. 

1) Rehydration Treatment: our all-natural, oil-based rehydration treatment can really bring it back to life. It is a secret recipe which is carefully brushed on by hand and left to soak in for three days, leaving the leather supple, rich and luxurious.

2) Wax Treatment: this service is specifically for waxed leather jackets. We will carefully place new layers of wax onto the jacket, which will re-proof the outer layers and extend the life of the garment. We recommend that you re-wax your leather jacket once a year, depending on the amount of wear. 

3) Weatherproofing: specialised procedure to weather-proof your leather garments. This treatment makes the surface water-repellent and also protects from staining. 

4) Dye: we match the colour of your leather jacket and use a specialist colour blam to give a permanent colour finish. 

5) Rehydrate & Dye Package: combine two amazing treatments into one purchase and save. For old or vintage leather garments in need of a complete refresh. 

All leather treatments are bespoke and tailored for each garment, so please contact us if you have any queries or questions. 

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