How To Keep White Clothes White | Our Tips For Stain Removal

Now that summer is fast approaching and holiday season is here, our lights and whites are making a return to our wardrobes. We don't know about you, but we say white is a summer clothing staple. 
Until, ARGHH! You notice a stain on your white linen trousers, or your white beach throw-over is looking a little .. grey. Fear not, Clothes Doctor is here to help. With a little stain removal know-how and some of our laundry life hacks, your whites will stay sparkling for the long term; here's how to keep white clothes white. 
1. Separate, separate, separate
It seems obvious, but to keep your white clothes looking pristine, you HAVE to separate your lights from darks before washing. Dye in darker coloured clothing can seep into lighter coloured clothing during the washing process and light clothing can turn into off-shade colours and be ruined.
New clothes tend to leak their dye more than older clothing because the dye is still new and fresh, so if you are washing a new dark blue shirt for the first time, it may not be in your best interest to throw it in the laundry with a bunch of whites; be sure to divide your laundry, especially when washing new clothes.
2. Hassle-free stain removal 
An obvious way to keep your white clothes white is to master the art of stain removal ASAP! Here's how...
Step 1 - Soak up as much of the spillage from your clothing as you can by dabbing the affected area with a damp cloth. 
Step 2 - Flush out the stain from the reverse side of the fabric with warm water, to drive the stain out from the fabric. Top tip: Don't let the stain dry, and don't apply any heat (like a drier or radiator) until you're sure the stain is gone, as heat can 'bake' the stain into the fabric.

Step 3 - Apply half a capful of our Tough Love Stain Removal directly to the stain, massage in gently with your fingers or our Natural Sea Sponge, and then leave to soak in warm water for one hour. If the stain has faded but not totally disappeared, then repeat. When the stain is completely gone, wash as normal. 



3. Choose your detergent 

 Another great way to keep white clothes looking bright is to choose a detergent that contains optical brighteners. This is a substance that transforms UV light waves to enhance blue light and minimize the amount of yellow light to make things appear whiter. So, they don't get your clothes any cleaner but make them appear whiter and brighter. A great tip for making your whites shine! 

Our No.2 Signature Eco Wash contains optical brighteners and works amazingly at low temperatures. Give it a go. 



4. Make use of the sun

One of our best tips for laundry in general, let alone in regards to keeping your white clothes white, is to air dry your lights in direct sunlight - this way, you're harnessing the natural bleaching power of the sun's UV rays. 

However, make sure not to do this with your darker clothes, as it'll accelerate colour fading. If you're drying dark clothes outside, dry inside out to try and avoid fading on the important side!


Wow, your whites are shining! Now you've got our tips and tricks for making your white clothes sparkle, and now you're a dab hand at stain removal, you'll be the one to watch at the beach this summer! Want to become an absolute clothing care pro? Shop the whole Clothes Doctor range.