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How To Care For Leather Clothing

A leather jacket is everyone's best friend. With minimal effort, popping on a leather jacket can totally transform a look. Whether you’re dressing down evening wear or adding an urban edge to your style, a leather jacket can outlast most garments in your wardrobe providing you caring for it! How to care for your leather jacket

How to Keep Your Leather Soft

For your leather jacket, it is important to keep it hydrated! Our leather balm allows you to keep your jacket soft and pliable. Our balm can be applied with the exfoliating natural sea sponges, and then buffed with the bamboo lint-free cloth, but it should only be used on darker and natural leather. You can get all three in our leather care kit set. 


How to Waterproof Your Leather Jacket 

While it is known for being water proof, it is best to avoid wearing leather in the rain as water can discolour the material, especially if it is natural and unpainted. For this, our sandalwood balm offers a layer of protection from the water. Plus, never use products that contain mineral oil or petroleum because these can cause significant damage.

Leather Care Kit

How to Refresh Your Leather Jacket 

No matter how much we try to avoid it, wearing clothes means they will eventually need to be cleaned, however cleaning a leather jacket is not the easiest. To remove any dirt sitting on the jacket, then give it a regular brush with a good Clothes Brush. 

Most leather garments have a cloth lining, and it is this that often holds odours. To remove the smells, you should make sure you hang the jacket and use a deodorising spray, such as our Clothing Spritz. It's specifically designed to target impurities and remove odours, and its uplifting fragrances will leave your leather jacket smelling delightful!

If your jacket needs a deeper clean then it is best that you take it to the dry cleaners! 




How to Store Your Leather 

Proper storage can go a long way in keeping leather garments nice for longer. Firstly, always hang your jacket to prevent creasing and keep it out of sunlight to avoid the colour fading. If you have open storage or just want to be extra safe, use a garment bag to protect the leather from the summer sun.

Make sure your leather is also protected from the moths, which love to nibble at various leathers and their linings. Hang a natural moth repellent Scent Bag in your wardrobe and the scent is a natural moth deterrent, with the added benefit of keeping your clothes smelling heavenly.


If you need a leather jacket relining or repaired, then our team of expert seamstresses are here to help you - request a quote hereFor more expert clothing care tips explore more of our blogs, such as how to hand wash clothes. For our whole range of detergentsmiststools and accessories that are perfect for every type of fabric, explore our whole range.




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