How To Care For Leather Clothing

The leather jacket is a girl’s best friend. With minimal effort it can totally transform a look. Whether you’re dressing down evening-wear or adding a chic, urban edge to your style, the leather jacket can outlast most garments in your wardrobe providing you caring for it! And with the unpredictable British weather, we consider waterproofing leather as an essential part of our wardrobe maintenance and you should too.

Below we divulge information on the best ways to care for your leather. If you’d rather not risk treating your leather yourself, get in touch and we can do it for you.

leather care


There are many waterproofing products available on the market today, (some of which have the advantage of being eco-friendly!), so we advise that you always check the label carefully before buying to ensure that you are using the most suitable product. Silicone polymer or acrylic copolymer spray will preserve the appearance and shine of your leather. Alternatively, grease or wax-based products offer a higher level of waterproofing, but are not suitable for leather jackets because they can alter the colour and shine of the leather and sometimes smell. To keep your leather garments in top condition we recommend that you apply waterproofing products 2-3 times per year. Whilst all of these products do make leather water resistant, it is important to note that these products cannot fully waterproof your garments, so think twice before you don your jacket in a storm or accidentally consider popping it in the washing machine.

To give your leather garments that extra bit of love and to keep them soft and pliable we also recommend that you restore your leather with our Leather Balm. Our kit teams up our Sandalwood Leather Balm with our Natural Sea Sponge and Bamboo Cloth to soften, restore and protect your leather items from damage.


Occasionally, typically once a year or when the material begins to feel dry or stiff. Ideally use a waterproofing agent such as pure mink oil or other natural animal oils. Keep in mind that this can darken the leather slightly. Products containing wax or silicone are a cheaper option and are less likely to change the colour of the leather, but we advise that you use these products sparingly to prevent the leather from drying out. Never use products that contain mineral oil or petroleum because these can cause significant damage.

If you have any questions on the processes that we use in our workshop, or would like to discuss your leather care, please go ahead and get a quote.