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Eco-Friendly Ways To Wash Your Clothes

Did you know that for an average shirt over a year, 80% of the emissions produced during the ‘in-use’ stage of its life cycle come from washing and tumble drying?

As quoted by our brand ambassador, Orsola de Castro - "The most sustainable garment is the one already in your wardrobe". It is important that we care for our clothes and avoid buying items we don’t really need, so that between us we can help drive the movement towards reducing fashion pollution and waste.

We can be more sustainable without sacrificing our clothes with some simple changes. By hand washing instead of dry cleaning (where you can), and using eco-friendly locally sourced products you can go a long way to detoxing your wardrobe and extending the life of garments.

Just follow our simple tips to make your laundry routine more eco-friendly:


Hand Wash LaundryChoosing to hand wash your garments rather than sending them to the dry cleaners can do wonders to keep them looking their best. A quick, gentle hand wash with one of our Eco Wash Detergents will naturally clean your clothes and nourish its fibres. Be sure to test any product on a hidden part of fabric and avoid washing garments with any decorative beading, sequins, tailoring, or padding. You can follow our guides on how to hand wash silk and wool at home. 



basil and mandarin leaf detergent

Our Eco Wash detergents are vegan, made with plant-based ingredients to leave your clothes wonderfully refreshed, and help you save your clothes while you save the planet. 




According to Fashion Revolution, up to 25% of each garment’s carbon footprint comes from the way in which we wash and care for our garments. Over-washing our clothes is the number one reason that a wardrobe favourite might fade, shrink, or lose its shape. Washing too often will age a garment prematurely by causing the fibres to deteriorate faster. The key is to only wash your clothes when they really need it!

A great way to prevent over washing is by using Clothing Deodorizer sprays instead of doing a load. Our Clothing Spritz kills 96% of bacteria and has cleaning agent inside, so you are removing any impurities from the fabric but also making them smell like they have come straight out of the wash!



Air dry

Air dry your clothes where possible to cut down on energy consumption and more microplastics being shed. We also recommend that you air garments by hanging them after every wear. This will also allow the fabric to relax and any wrinkles fall out. Try hanging your clothes in the shower, as the humid air will make your clothes look smoother

It’s important to store your item correctly, hang a Natural Fragrance Bag on the hanger for a refreshing fragrance and to keep the moths away. We even have these available by subscription (Anti-Moth Warrior Box) so you never forget to change them. 




Steaming is a really natural method of refreshing your garments and a very useful tool for quickly treating any items that you suspect of being infested by clothes moths. It will not only reduce the appearance of wrinkles (perfect for silk) but will also remove any odour, as steaming can kill 99% of bacteria. The steam causes the fibres to swell and the fabric too, therefore, look fuller and more colourful. You can also use steaming for dresses with beads or sequins, suits and other tailored items which can’t be washed at home. 

For a stunning scent, try our Blue Lily and Bergamot Steamer Water, which can be popped into your steamer or sprayed directly onto your clothes for the same effect. 

OK, we'll give you an extra handy tip:


clothes brush

Depending on the type of fabric, you could try a clothes brush to remove any surface lint, dust, hair and food particles and give the garment and overall refresh. Our beechwood Natural Bristles Clothes Brush does the job amazingly. Begin at the top and work your way down, always brushing downwards in a gentle motion. This is perfect for sturdier fabrics like wool blends, blazers and suit jackets. 


By making these small changes, it will not only help to reduce the environmental impact of fashion, but will allow you to keep wearing and getting the most of the items you really love.
Happy eco-cleaning. 

For more clothing care tips explore more of our blogs, such as our blog on how to hand wash merino wool, or how to hand wash a wool jumper. For our whole range of detergentsmiststools and accessories that extend the life and improve the look, feel and smell, of your wardrobe favourites, explore our whole range.


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