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In the middle of this chaos, we have been adapting to the new normal and our focus is for people to make the most of their time at home and use this time to care for their clothes; as a way to reduce stress and anxiety, and increase feelings of calmness and wellbeing.

We want to share with you all the ways our team has come together to help find ways for you to make your loved clothes last whilst enjoying your time at home and learning new skills!

No.1 #zerowaste Face Masks

Face masks

Get your free Clothes Doctor non-medical Face Mask, delivered directly to the comfort of your home. Using sterilised scraps of fabrics from our workshop, our team of experts has come together to find a way to reduce waste and avoid fabric ending up in landfill. 

You can get your mask for free (design may vary from images shown here) or you can purchase your preferred design. Before use, the mask must washed and cleaned thoroughly, so to help you keep them clean with a delicate refreshing fragrance, and avoid bringing harsh chemicals close to your nose and mouth, order No.2 Signature Eco Wash with your mask.


No.Online Tutorial Series

Online Mending Tutorial Monsoon

Grab the clothes in your wardrobe that need some love and watch our tutorials! Chris, our Workshop Manager and Ellie, our darning expert, will teach you how to patch a hole in jeans, repair holes, give new life to your garments by felting, replace beading and sequins, amongst other tips and techniques. Watch all our episodes here and be sure to check out our new episode "Restitching Sequin". We've partnered with Monsoon to bring new life to their Embellished Start Jumper.


No.Private Sewing Session

Private Sewing Sessions

Book a one hour private video call with Chris, to learn an essential life skill. Everything we're teaching can be done without a sewing machine or any prior knowledge. Our aim is to cover some really useful areas and get you up and running with mindful mending of your own clothes. Sign up to our full sewing course, which includes six mending sessions covering skills such as repairing silk, felting to hide moth-holes, and patching denim. Alternatively, try the one hour Taster Session, where Chris will teach you a topic of your choice. 


No.4 Mending Starter Kit

Mending Starter Kit

We want you to give new life to your clothes from the comfort of your home, so our Mending Starter Kit  provides all the equipment you need to start your repairs. Packed full of useful bits and pieces, such as needles, threads and other tools to get you started, our Mending Kit will help start you on your zero waste journey.


 No.5 Wardrobe Care Inspo

Wardrobe care

One way to find balance is to take control of our home and tidy, clean, organise and declutter. Research shows that tidying and organising can reduce stress and anxiety and increase feelings of calmness and wellbeing. This is the perfect time to detox your wardrobe and take care of your clothes in need of a little TLC.

A wardrobe detox isn't just about rediscovering those old favourites, but about making the space work more efficiently for you and prolonging the life of your garments caring for them with eco friendly products, to bring a sense of calm and positivity, every time you look inside. Find out here our 5 ways to detox your wardrobe and find your happy place.


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