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How to Wash More Environmentally Friendly

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In our New Year’s Resolution series so far, we’ve already shared our tips on how you can keep your clothes lasting all year, while also looking, feeling, and smelling like new. In the second part of the series, we are sharing another New Year’s Resolution with you, which is a little effort but has a big impact. 

This year, your New Year’s Resolution can be to create a more environmentally friendly home.

Environmentally friendly is a big and vague term, so to break it down we are focussing on small steps to make your home plastic free, vegan, and sustainable. 

Go plastic free

On average, each person in the UK throws away around 12 pieces of plastic every day. When you add this up, that’s 295 billion pieces of plastic a year! The good news is that a plastic free home is becoming easier to achieve by the day - new brands are popping up everywhere and getting more affordable. 

The first place to start swapping out your plastic is in the kitchen. Recently, we’ve come across Seep, a green cleaning essentials company that’s entire range is plastic free and biodegradable. From kitchen scourers to bin bags, there are plastic free options available with Seep every step of the way.

Buy Vegan

Bringing vegan products is a must do for 2023. Buying vegan helps slow down deforestation, and reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions. On top of that, vegan products are often cruelty free so you also reduce the harm caused to animals - ticking off two good deeds in one action! 

From the very beginning, Clothes Doctor has always used vegan, cruelty free, ingredients. Whether you are looking for your daily detergent, or products to keep your wardrobe favourites feeling, smelling, and looking like new - every step of the way with Clothes Doctor is vegan. Shop our range now, including the Basil & Mandarin Leaf Fabric Conditioner, an alternative to other conditioners that often contain animal fats. 

Choose Sustainable 

We’ve brought environmentally friendly products into the cleaning and laundry. Now, we are sharing the best sustainable products for your bathroom routine. 

A brand that is killing it with its eco-friendly oral care products is The Humble co. Their flagship product is their sustainable toothbrush - for the brush The Humble co. responsibly source the bamboo and manufacture it close to the bamboo source to reduce the carbon footprint. As well as their iconic toothbrushes, their sustainable range includes floss picks, toothpaste, and cotton swabs. 

That’s your second achievable New Year’s Resolution wrapped up! You can get going straight away by ordering environmentally-friendly alternatives as and when your products run out. You can read our previous series here. 


At Clothes Doctor, cashmere and wool care is not our only speciality! We also have a range of miststools and accessories that extend the life and improve the look, feel and smell, of your wardrobe favourites.
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