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How to Make your Clothes Last Longer

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It may sound obvious, but making the clothes you already own last for longer actually has a profound impact on our planet. If you extend the life of one piece of clothing for just nine months longer, then the carbon and water footprint of that clothing item reduces by up to 30 percent. 

That’s why at Clothes Doctor we believe an easy, and impactful, New Year’s Resolution for everyone is to make your whole wardrobe last until the next New Year and beyond. 

Obviously, we aren’t telling you to keep wearing those socks that are so riddled with holes you can barely call them socks anymore. But instead, we are sharing three tricks to show you how if you put a tiny bit more care into your existing and new clothes or change a few habits, then your wardrobe will last for much longer.


Trick No.1: Wash your Clothes Less, and Better. 

We’ve all heard about buying less and buying better, but there’s a big argument for washing them less and washing them better too. 

The more you wash your clothes, the more likely it is for your fabrics to ruin as your clothes rub more causing friction. This can make your clothes look worn out and develop bobbles over them. 

To wash all of your clothes less (which also saves you money on energy bills), you should only wash them if it is really necessary. To keep your clothes still smelling fresh, use our Deodorizing Spritz which is like a dry shampoo for your fabrics! Your clothes are scented like they’ve come straight out of the wash while also acting as a cleaning agent. 

For when a wash is unavoidable, wash at lower temperatures with a gentle and natural laundry detergent like our Signature laundry detergent that keeps your everyday items looking and feeling their best. If you are washing more specific clothing types, always use specialist detergents as they protect the delicate fibres, check out our range of scented detergents including a Detergent for Silk, or Cashmere and Wool Detergent. 


Trick No.2: Mend, Don’t Throw

When your clothes start showing signs of wear and tear or no longer fit, it can seem tempting to throw them away. But with this mindset, you risk losing clothes that could easily be mended, or repurposed and then worn for many years more! 

The key is to fix small problems before they become big problems, such as a small tear in the seam can become a bigger hole before you know it. To repair a small hole, you will need a darning needle set and darning mending support. Both of which Clothes Doctor offers in our Darning and Mending Support Kit. For a great how to video, check out our how to video

For any repair you aren’t comfortable doing yourself, then getting a professional repair is often cheap, quick, and easy. Clothes Doctor itself has a repair service where you can send your items for quick fixes and alterations. 

Trick No. 3 Keep Your Clothes Healthy 

The more you take care of your clothes the longer they will last for at a higher quality. The good news is that there are so many products available that are specifically designed to keep your beloved items in good quality. 

For any leather items, use a leather balm to moisturise and prevent any cracking. Clothes Doctor has a Leather Care Kit with a balm scented with Sandalwood and a Natural Sea Sponge for easy application then a Lint Bamboo Cloth for buffing. 

As mentioned above, using specialist detergents designed especially for your fabric nature also extends their wearing life. Pairing your detergent with a fabric conditioner also reduces the friction between the fibres, making them last longer. Try our Basil & Mandarin Leaf Fabric Conditioner to soften and delicately scent your clothes. 


So there you have it, a New Year's Resolution that you can implement right now to make every item in your wardrobe last beyond the next New Year. 

For more clothing care tips, explore more of our blogs. For our whole range of detergentsmiststools and accessories that extend the life and improve the look, feel and smell, of your wardrobe favourites, explore our whole range.


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