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How To Wash Baby Clothes, with Bundlee Baby Clothes Rental

Being a new parent is tough, full stop. And the bags and bags of baby laundry aren’t going to be easy either. However, if you can make washing baby clothes that little bit more eco-friendly and kinder on the clothes, you’ll be bossing laundry day in no time (we’ll leave the parenting to you though..). 
As our founder Lulu has just become a first-time mum, we’ve partnered up with Bundlee, the UKs first baby clothing rental subscription, to bring you the most hassle-free and eco-friendly methods for how to wash baby clothes. 
Why look after baby clothes 

We all know that babies tend to grow out of clothes at lightning speed, so you may be thinking ‘why bother trying to even clean it’. Because baby clothes are the ultimate fast fashion - they are only made to last about 3 months per size…and they grow through 7 sizes in their first 2 years!

Bundlee was created to solve the problem of baby grows that no longer fit taking over your home and to respond to the environmental toll they put on our planet.  Rent premium clothing in the size you need and swap for the next size when your baby grows. We want to get the maximum use out of all our clothes, so we keep them looking like new for as long as possible.

Make your baby’s wardrobe last by following these simple steps:

How To Wash Baby Clothes - How To Tackle Stains
Baby stains can be an absolute mess, and as much as you probably have your hands full of other things, it’s important to act quickly.
Step 1 - If possible, remove the garment ASAP so you can treat the stain before it sets.
Step 2 - Soak up as much of the spillage from your clothing as you can by dabbing the affected area with a damp cloth. This applies more to food and drink stains than *cough* personal stains. 
Step 3 - Flush out the stain from the reverse side of the fabric with warm water, to drive the stain out from the fabric. Top tip: Don't let the stain dry, and don't apply any heat (like a drier or radiator) until you're sure the stain is gone, as heat can 'bake' the stain into the fabric.
 Step 4 - Apply half a capful of our Tough Love Stain Remover directly to the stain, massage in gently with your fingers or our Natural Sea Sponge, and then leave to soak in warm water for one hour. If the stain has faded but not totally disappeared, then repeat. 
Step 5 - Once you're sure the stains have gone, you can continue to wash baby clothes as normal. Top tip: you can add a small amount of stain remover to your machine wash load to brighten light coloured garments too.  
How To Wash Baby Clothes - General Care Advice 
To help the longevity of the garments, you should wash baby clothes at low temperatures. (Well, we say you should wash all clothes at low temperatures!) Luckily, our Baby Detergent is designed to both help bust stains, while being delicate on your little one’s skin, even at 30 degrees. Top tip: Washing printed clothes inside out will help protect the design and keep it looking new for longer.
Furthermore, we recommend air drying your baby’s clothes. Not only does this help avoid washing machine wear-and-tear, and any warping or shrinkage, it’s better for your energy bill, and the planet! Another top tip, air dry white or light garments in direct sunlight, to make use of the natural bleaching properties of the sun’s UV rays. 

There you go, now you know how to wash baby clothes in the most eco-friendly and hassle-free way possible.

We know that tackling baby laundry is a tall order, and when your baby clothes are ready for a new home, make sure to donate or recycle them, rather than just throwing them away. Alternatively, try renting with Bundlee. Choose from the best sustainable brands and keep the clothes as long as you need them…when your baby has grown just send the set back and you’ll get the next size up.  We love it because it tackles fashion waste, cluttered wardrobes and spreads joy at the same time. Happy laundry day. 
Bundlee have offered our readers a 30 day free trial with code CLOTHESDR100.



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