How To Wash And Care For Denim

Denim is TOUGH, and a good pair of jeans should last a lifetime. 
Well.. maybe not a whole lifetime, but if you take correct care of your denim garments, you'll be able to keep wearing them for years to come! 
We've put together our ultimate denim guide!

Step 1 - Washing

Remember, you can actually wash your jeans less than you might think. Over-washing can cause the fabric to wear and colours to fade, so we recommend you wash jeans every 5-10 wears, and denim jackets can be washed even less! Whether you're hand washing or machine washing, we recommend a low temperature for denim so the fabric is less like to warp or misshape - and it's better for the environment! Our Basil & Mandarin Leaf Duo Set detergent and conditioner are specially formulated for washing at low temperatures, so you're in luck! 
Top Tip: Wash jeans inside out, as the inside is what needs washing most, and this will help protect the colour on the outside!
For extra resilient stains, try our Tough Love Stain Removal, our 'Power Powder' for removing any stain you can throw at it! From food and drink to grease, it removes all sorts of stains and wont fade colour-fast fabrics!


Step 2 - Refresh garments between washes. 

So you're not washing denim as frequently - how are you going to keep it fresh?

Steaming garments is a great way to give them a quick refresh without the need for a big wash. Steaming loosens fabrics and lets odours escape without causing wear and tear to your denim! 

Also, to tackle dry marks like dust or mud, try our Natural Bristle Clothes Brush. You'd be surprised at how much dirt you can banish without the need for a wet wash. 


Step 3 - Drying 

Hang your denim up to dry, as opposed to throwing it in the tumble dryer, as this will help preserve the fit and avoid possible shrinkage or fabric warping. And, of course, it's better for your energy bills!

Top Tip: If drying outside, hang your garments inside out to avoid sun bleaching and colour fading!

Step 4 - Storing & Maintaining

Some garments have clear rules on how you should store them: coats are hung in the wardrobe, jumpers are folded on shelves. But when it comes to denim, the rules are less solid. For ease, we recommend folding jeans and storing in drawers, as they'll probably be more accessible this way. Naturally, denim jackets can be hung up with your other jackets! 

 Finally, if your jeans need a little TLC because of holes or hems, we've got you covered! Follow our online tutorials for how to repair, patch or re-hem denim.  (Spoiler alert, anyone looking for help with mending denim might be in for a treat with our next blog, so keep your eyes peeled!!) 

Now your denim has been taken care of, tackle all of your laundry like a boss with our full range!