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How To Remove Sweat & Deodorant Stains From Clothing

Although we might sometimes wish it wasn't, sweating is unavoidable. It's a natural process that happens when our bodies help cool us down. But we've all found those yellow stains on the underarms of our favourite white shirts, and sometimes around the collar and cuffs as well. Nightmare! 

Well, you'll be glad to hear that we've got some tips and tricks that'll help you lift those annoying stains, and help you avoid more in the future too. 

sweat stain

Yellow marks on light/white colours: these are usually due to sweat reacting with the aluminium in our deodorants, as well as the bacteria on our skin and chemicals in our clothes. Because the deodorant contributes to the stain, using more deodorant doesn't help to avoid this problem, and can actually make the marks spread further.

White marks on dark colours: these are different. These are formed when the white coloured (usually stick or bar deodorants) transfer onto clothing.

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The good news is that we tested our fabulous Tough Love Stain Remover on some old sweat and deodorant stains on a delicate white top, and the results were even better than we expected - completely stain free in a record-breaking 15 seconds from contact! 

Time to tackle those sweat stains with some tough love...

Step 1: It's important to tackle stains quickly, so as soon as you notice a stain, try to take action as soon as possible! 
Step 2: For most fabrics, its easiest to remove stains when wet - submerge the affected area in the hottest water that the care label allows. 
Step 3: Apply our Tough Love Stain Remover to the stain and massage in gently, either with your fingers or a soft sponge. The stain may well disappear immediately. If not, leave to soak.
Step 4: Wash in the machine or by hand, depending on the fabric type.



deodorant stains

Brush white, powdery marks away with our Lint-Free Bamboo Cloth. No need to wet it - it will brush off best when dry.

  • Make sure your deodorant is dry before getting dressed - stains can come from the wet roll-on or stick deodorants if they haven't dried before contact with clothing. There are also specialist anti-stain deodorants on the market! 

  • If the stained item is white, try treating the area with a little lemon juice or white wine vinegar, and/or leaving it in a sunny spot, as they have natural bleaching properties. 

  • Don't use more deodorant! As stains are often caused by a chemical reaction between sweat, the bacteria on your skin and the aluminium in antiperspirant, adding excess deodorant will only make stains worse! 

  • Strange as it may sound, old sweat on clothing can actually attract moths, so with fine natural fibres such as cashmere, wool and silk, there's even more reason to deal with any stains before putting your item away for any length of time.

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    Sweat and deodorant marks on your clothing can be irritating, but now you have the tools to help fight even the toughest of stains, so your clothing can stay fresher for longer! 

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