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How To Remove Red Wine Stains From Clothing

If you're anything like us, you may have indulged in a glass of wine or two (or six) over the festive period. But, anyone who's ever spilt a glass, or even just a drop, of red wine, knows what a nightmare it can be to clear up, and you may be scared that your party dress is un-rescuable. Luckily, we've put together our fool-proof guide for how to remove red wine stains, and with our ultimate 'power powder' Tough Love Stain Removal and a few tips and tricks, you can banish those red wine stains with ease. 
How To Remove Red Wine Stains
Step 1 - The first thing to note is that it's best to act as quickly as possible. If possible, remove the garment ASAP so you can treat the stain before it sets.
Step 2 - Soak up as much of the liquid as you can by dabbing the affected area with a damp cloth. 
Step 3 - Flush out the stain from the reverse side of the fabric with warm water, to drive the liquid out from the fabric. Top tip: Don't let the stain dry, and don't apply any heat (like a drier or radiator) until you're sure the stain is gone, as heat will 'bake' the stain into the fabric.

Step 4 - Apply half a capful our Tough Love Stain Remover directly to the stain, massage in gently with your fingers or our Natural Sea Sponge, and then leave to soak in warm water for one hour. If the stain has faded but not totally disappeared, then repeat. 


Step 5 - Once you're sure any red wine stains are gone, you can wash the garment as normal. Top tip: you can add a small amount of stain remover to your machine wash load to brighten light coloured garments too.  

Step 6 - As aforementioned, it's best not to use a tumble drier after an item is stained, just in case there is any trace of the stain left. Instead, air dry the item, preferably in natural sunlight, as the sun's UV rays will provide a natural bleaching effect.

So don't worry, your favourite white dress isn't ruined after you've had one glass of wine too many - now you've got the tips you need to remove any red wine stains before you can even say 'whoops!' 

We've got the rest of your laundry routine covered too with our specialist fabric detergents and clothing care tools. 



DisclaimerOur recommended stain removal methods are solely intended for use with Clothes Doctor products. And whilst we are happy to provide advice, any attempts to remove red wine stains are done so at the risk of the reader. All methods have been tried and tested in our workshop and on our own items at home. 

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