How To Make an Orange Pomander | Inspired by our Treat Me Scent Bag

How To Make an Orange Pomander | Inspired by our Treat Me Scent Bag

For the second part of our Christmas creations series, inspired by the oranges and cloves in our Treat Me scent bag is Orange Pomanders. These little festive decorations are easy to make at home, and bring a natural decorative touch to your tree. 




  • Oranges
  • Cloves
  • Ribbon or decorative string (optional)


  1. Select Your Oranges:
    • Choose firm and fresh oranges. The size of the oranges is up to you, but medium-sized ones are often easier to work with.
  2. Gather Cloves:
    • Have a supply of whole cloves ready. You'll use these to stud the orange.
  3. Create a Design (Optional):
    • Before you start studding the orange with cloves, you might want to plan a pattern or design. It could be as simple as randomly placing cloves, or you could create lines or specific shapes.
  4. Stud the Orange:
    • Push the cloves into the orange, making sure they penetrate the skin. You can cover the entire surface or create patterns as desired. The cloves not only add a decorative touch but also release a pleasant fragrance.
  5. Consider a Ribbon or String (Optional):
    • If you want to hang your pomander, you can thread a ribbon or decorative string through the orange. Make a loop and tie a knot at the top. This is especially popular during the holiday season when pomanders are often used as ornaments.
  6. Allow to Dry (Optional):
    • Some people let the pomanders air-dry for a few weeks to intensify the scent. If you plan to hang them, ensure they are fully dried before doing so.
  7. Display or Gift:
    • Once your orange pomander is complete, you can display it in a bowl, hang it, or give it as a fragrant and decorative gift.


Orange Pomanders


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