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How To Care For Your Winter Clothing

As the weather drops and a freezing chill is seemingly everywhere, your warmest clothes become lifelines. From the high-neck woollen jumpers to your winter coat, it’s the time of the year when these items are your everyday staples. That’s why we are sharing our tips for protecting, renewing, and refreshing your items, so they will be keeping you warm for many winters to come.

Protect Your Winter Wear  

With any luck, you'll have managed to avoid the nightmarish moth damage that can wreak havoc on your winter clothing. If you have suffered a moth attack or two, or you just want to protect your winter favourites, here are some tips.

We've brought you a lifesaver for a moth ridden wardrobe, our Clothes Doctor Darning and Mending Support and Darning Needle Set. This darning mushroom provides the perfect mending support for when you're fixing up any moth holey garment, plus, learning to mend means you don't need to buy new winter clothing every year. Check out our YouTube tutorial to learn how to use this! 

To prevent any moths terrorising your wardrobe, combine our moth repellent products. Firstly, hang the Moth Repellent Scent Bags in your wardrobe or pop them in your drawers and their natural fragrances will deter moths while also refreshing your wardrobe. Combine this with our Knitwear Mists which acts as a natural moth repellent, spray the Cedarwood and Vanilla Mist directly onto your clothing to uplift your woolly jumper while also protecting it from moths! 

Protect your Leather  

If you're anything like us, winter time means chilly toes, so a good pair of leather boots is a must. Leather is a tough fabric, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't need any love. 

Rehydrating leather with a balm is a great way to breathe new life into leather. Our Sandalwood Leather Balm contains a blend of natural waxes and rosins which can be applied to your favourite leather garments, to soften, restore and protect them from damage. Use on boots, jackets - any leather at all (even vegan leather!) The gorgeous scent is a plus too. 


Refresh and Renew 

A good winter coat , or a knitwear jumper, should be with you for many many years - if you take care of it well. 

For coats and jumpers that are covered in bobbles, don't waste your time trying to pick them off by hand (trust us, you'll be there for years), use instead our cashmere comb that gently removes any bobbles - making your loved items look refreshed while protecting the fabric fibres. 

When you don’t want to take your coat to the dry cleaners, but you need it to look a little bit fresher try our natural bristle clothes brush. Hand Crafted from beechwood, it is perfect for removing dried mud, powder stains, and food on your coat. 

Finally, one of the best tricks when caring for your winter essentials which saves you time and money is to use a clothing deodorizer. Just spray our Clothing Spritz directly onto your winter wardrobe, and reduce the number of loads on your to do list this week. The Blue Lily and Bergamot Spritz makes your clothing smell as if they’ve just been washed (so no one will ever know!).  

Clothing Spritz

Your wardrobe should now be ready to brave the outdoors - feeling toasty while looking great.


Shop our range of detergents and clothing care products to keep on top of all your laundry this winter. To guarantee complete moth protection, explore all our natural moth repellents in this collection.

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