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How Do You Wash Your Children's Clothes?

We always want to learn new tips and tricks for clothing care, and this week we're asking YOU for your advice! 
So, how do you wash your children's clothes? We want to hear everything!
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To get started, we have a tip from a customer & fan who says she has a bucket of water and stain remover to soak baby clothes in every night to keep them cleaner for longer.


We'd love to know how you wash your family's clothes. Hand wash or machine wash? What detergent do you find most effective? Spill all the gossip on your top tips for washing! 

We spoke to Lucy Kebbel from The Vendeur to get the best eco-friendly tips & tricks to clean and care for baby clothes...


stain remover
We can imagine that washing your little one's clothes means dealing with lots of resilient stains - but how do you tackle them? Do you have any life saving home remedies?

Our Tough Love Stain Removal can tackle any stain you throw at it! All you have to do is...

  • Submerge the affected area into a bowl of warm water and add a capful of stain remover. Massage gently with your fingers, or our Natural Sea Sponge, and leave to soak for an hour. Then, simply wash as normal.

We know that a lot of little ones have those items you just want to keep forever - maybe it was something given or made for them when they were born. We want to know how you take care of those special items! 
Finally, we want to hear your biggest baby laundry fails! Tell us about a serious 'red sock in a white wash' moment. 
Time to share your tips! Let us know below...
We'll be publishing all the best advice we find out from you in a future blog, so we can share the wisdom and spread the love. Thank you!
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