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How to Wash Your Office Clothes

We understand that office outfits can often be a pain to keep clean and smelling fresh! From suits that are calling out for dry cleaning, to white shirts smudged with make-up marks, office wear essentials are not the easiest to care for. We’ve brought together our top tricks, teaching you how to wash your office clothes, get rid of any stains, and avoid dry cleaners. 

Sorting and Preparing 

Before you toss your office clothes into the washing machine, it's important to properly sort them. At Clothes Doctor, we recommend grouping garments by fabric type to help wash them in the kindest conditions. Then, turn blouses, dress shirts, and other delicate items inside out to protect them from any little tears or catching during the wash. For more useful tips on how to do your laundry, then read our blog here.

Avoid the dry cleaners

Taking your work suit or blazer to the dry cleaners not only is an annoying extra cost but is also quite inconvenient. So to avoid having to go to the dry cleaners at all, then give your suits a good brush down with a clothes brush, this will remove the external dirt and any scuffs. 

Then, give your garment a spritz or two with our Clothing Spritz that’s like a dry cleaning in a spray! Scented with White Tea and Mint the uplifting fragrance makes your clothes smell like they’ve come out of the wash (even when we know they haven’t). Plus, the natural antibacterial in the spray helps remove any lingering fabric impurities, meaning you don’t have to wash your office clothes as often. 


Clothes Brush

Washing Methods

Machine Washing: For your more delicate items, such as silk blouses and ties, use a gentle cycle and cold water with a mild detergent that is specifically formulated for delicate fabrics, such as our Silk and Delicates detergent. For your other items, then pop in our eco-friendly laundry detergent and wash on a cold gentle cycle. 

If adding your white shirts and you want to make them a touch brighter, then add a capful of stain remover in the drum. 

Hand Washing: For your precious items that you want to avoid the washing machine, fill a basin with cold water and add a small amount of gentle silk detergent. Gently agitate the water and submerge your office clothes, letting them soak for a few minutes. Gently rub any stained areas with your fingers. Rinse thoroughly with cold water to remove all detergent residues.


How to hand wash

Drying Techniques

Air Drying: The best way to dry delicate office clothes is by air drying. Lay garments flat on a clean, dry towel and gently roll them up to remove excess water. Then, reshape the clothing and lay it on a drying rack or a clean, flat surface away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

Stain Removal

Stains at work are inevitable, but they can be managed effectively with proper care:

Act Quickly: Address stains as soon as they occur. Blot, don't rub, to prevent pushing the stain deeper into the fabric. 

Use our Stain Remover: For any sweat or make-up marks, then dampen the affected area massage the stain remover into the stained area and leave to soak. Then put the item through a wash with a couple of capfuls of Tough Love (note, if heavily soiled then you may need to wash on high heat).

For more expert stain removal tips, read our blog

Stain Remover


So there you have it, your complete office wardrobe guide. By following these guidelines on sorting, washing, drying, ironing, and stain removal, you can ensure that your office attire always looks its best. Remember, the extra effort you put into taking care of your clothes the more boss you’ll feel stepping into the office!


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