Five Common Laundry Myths Debunked

There are lots of tips and hacks floating around the internet about certain ways to do your laundry, but some of this information may be doing more harm than good! In fact, some things you hear may just be totally false! We're here to debunk the myths and focus on facts.

Here's 5 laundry myths, BUSTED! 


Truth be told, most garments don't need to be washed after every time you wear them - some fabrics are best washed as infrequently as possible! Durable fabrics, like denim or wool, need to be washed far less than you might think. We recommend washing everyday garments every 3-4 wears (with obvious exceptions like gym wear).
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Surely the water temperature must have a profound effect on washing your clothes? No? It's true that hot water eliminates germs, but the temperature has to be over 100 degrees Celsius (212 F) to kill germs and most domestic water heaters only heat to about half this temperature. Similarly, hotter water may be better at lifting stains, but with a hot wash comes the risk of damaging and shrinking the fabrics, so balance is essential! If in doubt, check the care label of the garment - this'll tell you the recommended wash temperature!
More often than not, it's better for your clothes, and the environment, to wash at lower temperatures.
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Okay, this tip didn't appear from thin air - it actually used to be a valid tip, emphasis on 'used to'! This idea originated in the 1950s when the high concentration of alcohol in hairspray could dissolve the ink stain. 
Thanks to developing health standards, most hairsprays no longer contain much, or any, alcohol, so they'll be pretty useless on your stains. Best to keep the hairspray just for your hair!
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The topic of denim care is a haven for crazy laundry myths, like this one we came across. It's safe to say, freezing your jeans is not a legitimate alternative to washing them. 
Okay, freezing clothing may get rid of some of the weaker bacteria but it absolutely won't eliminate all germs. Furthermore, the biggest consequence of this hack is that you'll be simply transferring the dirt from your jeans into your freezer. Not nice! We recommend washing your jeans the conventional way; by hand or in the washing machine (not the freezer!) 

We can see why this one is believable, but contrary to this common myth, adding more detergent to your washing machine won't improve its ability to clean clothes. In fact, adding more product than recommended means the machine may not be able to wash it all away, so you may be left with residue on your clothing. This is especially true of powder detergents! Remaining soap in your clothing can cause garments to fade faster, and cause skin irritation! 

Ultimately, there's a recommended amount of detergent for a reason - stick to this and you clothes will be fine!  If you're looking for a powerful clean, we recommend our Basil & Mandarin Leaf Eco Liquid Detergent. It's effective at fighting tough stains, even at low temperatures. You can just pour it into the machine dispenser and wash at 30 degrees.

Now you know the facts on how best to do your laundry, rather than resorting to ridiculous myths. While some of these 'hacks' do have some grounding in historical practices, some are downright silly (freezer jeans??)
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