Suit Alterations


Our team are very experienced in all sorts of gents tailoring and alterations, including of suit jackets, waistcoats, overcoats, shirts and trousers. Read on to learn more about our process and techniques and request a quote.


We provide expert suit alterations from the comfort of your home. 

Request a quote to get an idea of the price, then pick another item from your wardrobe that fits you perfectly, or if you prefer, you can have a virtual fitting with your seamstress. 

Then you simply receive one of our shipping labels and send it off. If there are any questions we'll be in touch, otherwise, a few days later you'll have your perfectly fitting garments returned safely to your door. 

It's amazingly simple, convenient, and free from the risk of infection too.

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The most common alteration for waistcoats is to reduce the size. In this case your seamstress will take an exact measurement from the comparison item you send, and will adjust the waistcoat from the back seam. If the shoulder area is also too loose, this can also be taken in from the back seam.

If you would like to increase the size of the waistcoat, that is usually possible too. We will check the seams to assess the amount of available fabric initially.

It is also possible to move the buttons if small size adjustments are needed.

We are also often asked to repair waistcoats, if buckles have fallen off the back or if seams have come apart. For waistcoat repair or alterations prices, please request a quote below.

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A Winter coat is a valuable investment item that should stay with you for the long term. They are also commonly passed down through generations, so it's not surprising that alterations are needed from time to time to maintain the perfect fit. We have completed alterations on every type of coat including tweed, sheepskin, and even suede and leather coats.

The most common alteration request is for narrowing the shoulders of a coat. This request will usually take 2-3 hours to complete, depending on the thickness of the fabric and the amount of padding in the shoulder.

We can also narrow shoulders from the back seam, and also adjust the waist of the coat either in or out. These adjustments, even if they are small changes, can make all the difference to the shape and flow of the garment.

To give you a cost to shorten a coat we will first need to find out if there's a vent and if you'd like also to move it up as well. But don't worry, this can all be taken care of via email or quick call with your seamstress.  We also offer a sleeve shortening service.

For relining a coat, see our suit repairs section.

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We have experience with all kinds of suit jackets, from linen to tweed, to morning suits and dinner jackets. The most common alteration for suit jackets is to increase the waist and chest. In this case your seamstress will take a look inside the seams at the seam allowance, and if there is excess fabric, which is usually the case, then she will open up the seam and increase the size of the jacket. This would normally provide around 2 inches of extra room. In addition, she could also move the buttons a little to give up to another inch. For many people, this is all they need to have the jacket looking perfect again. 

For reducing the size of the jacket, we will take the exact measurement from the comparison item you send, and will adjust usually from the back seam. If the shoulder area is also too loose, this can also be taken in from the back seam.

We can shorten the suit sleeves. The cost of this would depend on whether the garment has false or real buttonholes. False buttonholes are quicker and cheaper to move than real buttonholes. Get in touch below for a quote.

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For many gents, a shirt is something worn almost every day, and as such it's worth getting the fit just right so that it feels comfortable and flattering.

Whether it's a cotton or linen shirt, or something a bit more unusual, we can help.

We can take a new or used shirt in at the waist, chest or shoulders for a better fit. We can also shorten a long shirt, and for older shirts with worn collars, give them a new lease of life with a collar turning service. 

Get a quote below for more info. 

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Altering your suit trousers couldn't be simpler. We can do all sorts of trouser alterations, but suit trousers are undoubtedly the most straightforward, as most suits are made to be adjusted, so they can usually be taken in or out quite quickly. 

So whether your suit is getting too tight or too loose, or you've bought something new and would like it tailored or shortened to fit, we can help.

Just make sure you have a perfectly fitting item to hand that you can send us.

To find out the cost just request a quote from our team by clicking the button below, and we'll get back to you ASAP. For trouser shortening, the price will be affected by whether there are turn-ups which need to be moved.


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