What is our purpose? 

Not that long ago, make do and mend was the norm. It was amazing what people could do with old clothes and how sewing a button or darning a hole was a basic life skill. Unfortunately, with the rise of fast fashion, repairing clothes started to feel antiquated, and the desire to buy more and new clothes began to consume. We believe that every new garment should be a friend for life, not a one hit wonder; so we’re here to bring back the thrill of giving new life to your clothes!

But yes, there is something “fast” about the way we see fashion: with a few simple clicks, you can easily restyle an old favourite, extend the life of your clothes and just have fun with your wardrobe.

Why us?

We are constantly striving for more conscious consumption habits to prevent more clothing from ending up in landfill. We aim to empower you to take care of your wardrobe. By extending the life of your clothes by 9 months, you can reduce their carbon, water, and landfill by up to 30%, so our goal is to change mindsets and time horizons, and help drive the movement towards reducing fashion pollution and waste.

With our wonderful team of skilled seamstresses, and our range of natural, plastic-free and gorgeously-fragranced clothing care products, we give you the tools you need to join the revolution and embrace a more sustainable wardrobe.

How do we describe ourselves?


We welcome everyone to join our movement towards reducing fashion pollution and waste.


We provide our community all the tools they need to prevent clothing from ending up in landfill, and love their clothes for longer.


 Visionary and creative, we like to take care and have fun with our clothes, to find new ways to extend their lifespan.