Snap us in your home and earn up to £100 in gift credit

We love seeing Clothes Doctor products standing proudly in your home. 

By sending us your images and videos, you can participate get a gift card for every image or video that we use on our social media. For the chosen pictures, you'll get a £20 gift card, and for used videos you'll get a £100 gift card!*. Plus, for everyone that sends us their masterpiece, you will enter our competition to win a year's supply of laundry day essentials. 

So bring out your inner photographer and get shooting! Whether it's a snap of your detergents glowing in your laundry room, or a video of you spritzing the sprays - we love to see them all!  

*disclaimer: videos and images can be used in promotional marketing materials.

How It Works

01. Snap away 

Take a photo or video of our Clothes Doctor products in your home. 

Remember, the brighter the lighting, the clearer the image.

02. Save It  

Make sure your masterpiece is saved onto your phone or your computer.

03. Send it to us

Upload your video or photo either through the link below, or email it to 

04. Get a Voucher 

As a thank you, everyone who sends us something will be entered into a competition to win a year's supply of laundry products. 

If we end up using your photo we will gift you a £20 voucher. 

If we use your video, you will receive a £100 gift card.

Submit Your Masterpiece By Emailing

Alternatively, if you have access to a computer you can submit it below.


If you have any questions, please email