Reduce Fashion Pollution and Save Money on Dry Cleaning: Our Founder Lulu Speaks to The Sun

"50 years ago people would really look after their clothes, they would mend them, and they would be in their wardrobe for a long time but these days we don't really do I created a business that will help people do that." - Lulu O'Connor, Founder of Clothes Doctor

Have you ever asked yourself: when was the last time I purchased a new item? Have I worn all your garms more than once? Do I have stuff in my closet which I never wear but can't throw out? The good news is that repairing, altering and caring for your clothes with eco-friendly detergents can go a long way in making your clothes last.
Check out our Founder Lulu O'Connor explaining to The Sun just how easy this is with the help of Clothes Doctor. 


"The types of repairs that we do can stretch from, replacing zips in your favourite waterproof coat, to relining a coat that you love, to mending leather - we can repair panels of leather that might have been damaged, we do invisible mending through darning techniques, and different types of things for knitwear, and much more.- Lulu O'Connor, Founder of Clothes Doctor

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From bespoke tailoring, mending tears and holes, to natural, cruelty-free and biodegradable clothing care products, we provide you with all the tools to join the movement and embrace a more sustainable wardrobe. 

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