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What Is Fabric Conditioner And Why Use It?

Have you ever wondered, what does fabric conditioner actually do??
There are many reasons why we reach for fabric conditioner on laundry day. We want our clothes and linens to smell fresh and feel cosy—and to come out wrinkle and static-free!
We're here to spill the gossip on everything you need to know about fabric conditioner - what it is, when to use it and our laundry top tips.
What is fabric conditioner?
You may be wondering, is there a difference between fabric conditioner and fabric softener? Answer: Nope! These are just two terms for the same thing. 
Fabric conditioners contain lubricating ingredients to help coat and soften fibres in your garments, working to reduce that tight or stiff feeling that your garments can sometimes have after washing. 
Benefits of fabric conditioner
  • Fabric conditioner smooths fibres, which means less friction in your wash. Less friction = less wear and tear, which means your clothes will last for longer!
  • Because the conditioner will help relax the fibres, your garments are less likely to shrink or misshape during their wash. 
  • Softer fabric also means fibres will be less irritating on sensitive skin - soft clothes = happy skin.
  • By reducing abrasion on the fabric surface, fabric conditioner also helps protect colour in garments, AND garments are less likely to get bobbly too!
  • Using conditioner will also help reduce the drying time of garments, as clothing will absorb less water during the cycle, so be less wet by the end. 

Our favourite conditioner

"The most beautiful scented wash ever. I use it on most of my wash loads but especially for bedding. They are clean, soft and heavenly scented. I won’t use anything else now. I’m a complete convert," - Review from Helen

Our Basil and Mandarin Leaf Eco Fabric Conditioner is created with real essential oils to soften and detoxify your garments. Combining the peppery aroma of basil with the invigorating fragrance of mandarin leaf, it leaves a heavenly scent on your clothing. It's also free from formaldehyde and micro-plastics, making it biodegradable and ocean-friendly – what's not to love?


But did you know - our amazing fabric conditioner is only 1/2 of our favourite laundry set?! That's right - there's a detergent too! We know people love our Basil and Mandarin Leaf Duo Set so we've made it available on subscription! Save up to 20%, always with free shipping and cancel any time. 


When to use fabric conditioner 

Fabric conditioner is great for most wash loads, especially cotton and wool, but there are some fabrics you don't want to add it to. 

Firstly, don't get fabric conditioner anywhere near your sportswear.  Many types of athletic wear have wicking technology to absorb sweat from your skin. If you use conditioner on these garments, it'll leave a coating that will prevent them from doing their job! 

Also, go cautious with the conditioner on towels and microfibre fabrics. What's great about microfibre is that the intricate threads have the ability to trap dust and absorb spills. However, if you toss it in the wash with fabric softener, you could end up destroying their effectiveness. The same goes for towels, so use sparingly. 

For the most part, fabric conditioner will work wonders for extending the lifetime of your clothes while keeping them smelling fantastic for longer. Want to make laundry day a luxury? Try our full range!



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