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What is a Laundry Bag and Why Use It?

For those of you who have never used a laundry bag before, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. But if you have ever had your new leggings get a hole in them, or had a button wrapped around your favourite woolly jumper - then this could have been avoided with a zipped laundry bag. 


While washing machines have come a long way in terms of taking better care of your delicate items, we still cannot control what happens to your garments during a cycle. As a washing machine cycle inevitably causes more friction between clothing fibres than a hand wash would, the risk is a little bit higher when machine washing your clothes. 


But, the good news is a zipped laundry bag is an effective, easy way of reducing this stress on your fabrics. The bags provide a protective layer between the items contained within them and the other items in the wash, this can save your clothes from a lot of damage, while also giving them a good wash! Hallelujah! 

Protective Zipped Laundry Bag



Using a zipped laundry bag is simple! Whenever you have a piece of clothing that you want to protect a little bit more, just pop it in the laundry bag, zip it up and put on a normal washing cycle. Remember, the colder and gentler the washing cycle, the better for your clothes. 



The main reason a laundry bag is used is to preserve delicate fabrics, such as nylon, wool, silk, lace etc. These items are more prone to pilling and stretching - so a zipped laundry bag is an easy way to prevent this. To protect these fibres more, always use a specialist eco-friendly detergent that has a gentle pH, such as our Delicates and Silk Detergent which protects your fibres while also stunningly scenting your clothes. 

Other times when your zipped laundry bag will be a lifesaver is when you are washing your lingerie - as bras are easily damaged and the hooks easily snag on other items. If your bra has torn in the past, read our blog here with advice on how to repair it. 

Laundry bags are also great to protect embellishments and embroidery. By separating these items and washing them in the zipped laundry bag, they won’t wreak havoc on your other garments. 


 Protective Zipped Laundry Bag


Your precious clothes deserve specialist care, and there are lots of little changes you can make to extend the life of your wardrobe favourites. As mentioned above, using a specialist detergent that is designed to protect the fabric fibres is a great way to maintain the quality of your clothes. Alongside our Silk Detergentour Wool Detergent pH-neutral formula also provides natural moth defence. These detergents are ideal for hand washing, or to be used in a hand wash machine cycle. 

Alongside the detergent, reducing the number of times you wash a garment is an easy way to extend the life of your clothes. If your clothes aren’t quite ready for the wash yet but need a freshen up, then use our clothing deodorising spritz and cut down on a few loads. Our spritz contains a cleaning agent and is scented with Blue Lily and Bergamot, spray directly onto your clothes to make it seem like they have just come out of the wash. 


For more easy-to-follow clothing care guides, like how to repair a hole in knitwear, head to our blogs. And to explore our entire range of specialist products, follow the button below.



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