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Clothes Doctor Talk Interiors, Style and Sustainability With Stitched

At Clothes Doctor we make it our business to partner with sustainable, like-minded businesses and are proud to introduce a great homeware brand that embraces style and eco-friendly substance!

Stitched are curtain and blind experts who have had eco sewn into their home furnishings since day 1. Stitched talk to us to discuss earth friendly fabrics and their ethos…

At Clothes Doctor, we love you guys for your style alone, but even more so for your sustainability. Why was going down the eco angle important for you?
There is an alarmingly high level of waste generated by textiles - over 4% of the world’s solid waste! Most of this ends up in landfills, or worse, in our oceans - which is really bad news for our planet.
How do you ensure that your products are truly sustainable?
It is pretty simple - we will only use eco certified fabrics. One of our fabrics in particular, Rivet, is especially eco as it is made fully out of recycled plastic bottles - and you can’t tell! 120 plastic bottles make up one pair of these Stitched curtains, it is the fabric of the future. One large truck of plastic ends up in our oceans every minute, sustainable innovation like Rivet fabric is one step towards a better tomorrow.
Any more thoughts?
Mass production is continually challenging our environment, recycling and using sustainable materials has never been more important for Stitched. We are so pleased to join forces with brands such as Clothes Doctor who also promote recycling and sustainable living.
Stitched are offering Clothes Doctor customers £50 off their next curtain + blind purchase, for orders over £250! Simply use the code CLOTHESDOCTOR50 at checkout for the discount to be applied. Click HERE to visit the Stitched website, or paste the following link into your browser:
Shop the whole Clothes Doctor range to become a clothing care pro, and boss your sustainability in your homeware and your laundry routine! 
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