Wardrobe Icons Recommends Clothes Doctor - Clothes Doctor

Wardrobe Icons Recommends Clothes Doctor

 Clothes Doctor is delighted to be featured in Wardrobe Icon’s Little Black Book of repair gods, who can make your most treasured pieces look like new again.

"Everyone has a dress, pair of trousers or even a jacket that can benefit from some tailoring. Clothes Doctor can repair and tailor anything you can imagine and does so flawlessly."

Thank you for the kind words Wardrobe Icons! Read more about the other services featured here: Wardrobe Icons Little Black Book of Repairs Services
How the Clothes Doctor repair services work?
1. Get a quote. Browse through our repair and alteration services to see our prices, and let us know what you need by requesting a quote from our team.
2. Send your items for repair. Join the movement and prevent your clothing from ending up in landfill. If you're UK-based, just pop your garments in a jiffy bag and self ship to our team, or choose to get a CollectPlus label. We'll take good care of them!
3. We'll deliver. 7-10 days later, your revived clothes will be delivered to the comfort of your home. Congrats! You've just joined the Clothes Doctor revolution to embrace a more sustainable wardrobe.
Read more about our Clothes Doctor repair services here, and get a quote to join our revolution. 
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Clothes Doctor
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Clothes Doctor
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