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Laundry Care for Pet Lovers

The loves of our lives, the reasons we are excited to arrive home, our best friends - of course, we are talking about our pets. While these rascals bring endless joy into our lives, they also bring a lot of dirt, hair, and smells. That’s why we are sharing our techniques on how to keep your laundry spotless while avoiding any fallouts with your furry friends. 

Dog Laundry Care


If your pet is anything like mine, they are happiest when they are sharing your bed (albeit, taking up more than their fair share). While there’s nothing better than spending a Sunday morning together, your freshly washed bedding can get covered in hair, and dirt quickly. 

If your pet sleeps in your bed every night (no judgement here), then you should be washing your bedding pretty regularly, we recommend at least once a week. Use a washing detergent that is effective at removing stains and bacteria to get rid of any hidden germs and dirt. We recommend that you use a detergent that is still effective on a cold gentle wash, to protect your bedding fabric. Our Basil & Mandarin Leaf detergent heavenly scents your sheets, while also effectively fighting tough stains, even on cold washes. 

For the moments when your bedding starts to smell not so fresh, but you aren’t ready to wash it yet, try a deodorising spritz to remove some of those pet odours. Our Clothing Spritz contains a cleaning agent that cleans the fabric, while also making it smell like it has just come out of the wash. 

After washing your bedding, if you can then try to air dry it - even better if you do so outdoors. This helps remove any remaining pet hairs from your sheets and gets them smelling even fresher, while also protecting your fabric fibres. 

Tough Love Stain Remover to remove pet dirt


Pets bring with them a lot of stains, whether it is from their muddy paws or any accidental toilet trips. But whatever they throw at you, you can keep your bedding stain-free with our advice. 

For mud stains, the best way to remove them is by letting any mud dry completely, and then brushing off as much of the dirt as possible. Then, pop your bedding in the washing machine and follow the instructions above. If any mud remains, then you will have to follow the stain-tackling tips below.

For non-mud related pet stains, the number one rule is to treat it ASAP, as the sooner you tackle it, the more chance you have of it disappearing then. To get started, grab our eco-friendly tough love stain removal that is incredibly effective at removing furry friends' stains.

Then, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Submerge the affected area into a bowl of warm water and add a capful of stain remover. Make sure to check the care label for the warmest recommended water temperature. For treating stains, usually, warmer water is better.
  2. Massage gently with your fingers, or our Natural Sea Sponge, and leave to soak for an hour.
  3. The stain should be lifted, but repeat this process until it has completely vanished, and then wash the garment as normal. Here, we recommend a machine wash, to help the stain residue be thoroughly washed away.  
Wash Dog Bedding



Pet bedding is always the piece of laundry that is forgotten to be added to the load. However, pet bedding can easily smell, get covered in dirt, and be a place for fleas to thrive, so it is really important to keep it clean! 

  • Firstly, remove all the fur from the bedding. An easy way to do this is by giving it a good shake down outside, or by vacuuming it. 

  • Secondly, if the bed has any stains then you should treat them before putting them in the washing machine, as this is when it is easiest to treat them. 

  • Thirdly, to wash your pet's bed, first check the label to read for any specific instructions. Put the bedding on a relatively low temperature - you want to kill the bacteria, but not ruin the fabric. Make sure you use a chemical-free laundry detergent that is gentle on your pet’s skin, our Signature Laundry Detergent has a neutral scent, and is made from natural ingredients.

Now you know some easy ways to keep your laundry looking clean, and smelling fresh, while you and your furry mate still live your best lives. 

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