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How To Rehydrate Leather | Saint and Sofia x Clothes Doctor

We’ve partnered with Saint and Sofia to bring to you a special episode on how to rehydrate their beautiful Hampstead Trainers.
As leather garments and shoes age, they may pick up dirt, scuffs and cracks. You can restore your favourite leather items using the specialist rehydration treatment we're about to show you. As well as restoring suppleness and moisture to the leather, it also cleans it and protects it from future water and weather damage.
Chris will show you how to apply our gorgeous-smelling Sandalwood Leather Balm using our Natural Sea Sponge, for the perfect combination of exfoliative properties and softness. The blend of natural waxes and rosins in the balm will soften, restore and protect leather items from damage. Plus, you can get these items with 5% off as part of our Leather Care Kit - what are you waiting for?
Got a repair job that's getting out of hand? Our seamstresses will sort you out. Here's how the Clothes Doctor repair services work...
1. Get a quote. Browse through our repair service to see our prices for an array of repairs or alterations, and let us know what you need by requesting a quote from our team.
2. Send your items for repair. Join the movement and prevent your clothing from ending up in landfill. If you're UK-based, just pop your garments in a jiffy bag and self ship to our team, or choose to get a CollectPlus label. We'll take good care of them!
3. We'll deliver. 7-10 days later, your revived clothes will be delivered to the comfort of your home. Congrats! You've just joined the Clothes Doctor revolution to embrace a more sustainable wardrobe.
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